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Audio Tools Library (ATL) for .NET NetCore NetStandard Net Framework

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What is ATL .NET ?

This library is aimed at giving .NET developers a managed, portable and easy-to-use library to read and write metadata from digital audio files and playlists with one single unified API, whatever the underlying format.

using ATL.AudioData;

Track theTrack = new Track(audioFilePath);

// Works the same way on any supported format (MP3, FLAC, WMA, SPC...)
System.Console.WriteLine("Title : " + theTrack.Title);
System.Console.WriteLine("Duration (ms) : " + theTrack.DurationMs);

theTrack.Composer = "Oscar Wilde ()"; // Support for "exotic" charsets
theTrack.AdditionalFields["customField"] = "fancyValue"; // Support for custom fields

You'll find more working code on the Code snippets section of the Documentation, including what you need to manage embedded pictures (e.g. cover), chapters , lyrics and playlists

What is NOT ATL .NET ?

Audio Tools Library .NET is not

  • a standalone application : it is a library aimed at being used by developers to build software

  • an audio music player : it gives access to various properties and metadata (see below for the comprehensive list), but does not process audio data into an audible signal

Why open source ?

ATL has been open source since its creation. The original ATL 2.3 source written in Pascal language is still out there on Sourceforge !

By publicly sharing the result of their work, the MAC team has helped many developers to gain tremendous time in creating audio tools.

As a fellow audiophile and developer, I'm proudly extending and improving their initial contribution to the open source community.

Why would I want to use ATL while TagLib is out there ?

  • ATL has a full C# implementation and does not use any dependency, which makes portability trivial if your app is already based on .NET or Mono frameworks

  • ATL features a flexible logging system which allows you to catch and record audio file reading/writing incidents into your app

  • ATL supports more audio formats than TagLib, including video game audio formats (SPC, PSF, VGM, GYM)

  • ATL supports chapters natively

  • ATL supports lyrics natively

  • ATL supports BEXT, LIST (general metadata, labels and notes), CUE (cue points), SMPL (sample loops), DISP (displayable objects) and iXML metadata chunks in RIFF / WAV files

  • ATL supports Playlists and Cuesheets

How to use it ? Which platforms and .NET/Mono versions does ATL run on ?

The ATL library runs on .NET Core 3.1+ / .NET Standard 2.1+ / .NET Framework 4.8+

ATL unit tests run on .NET Framework 4.8+

The library and its tests have been maintained on Visual Studio Express and Community (currently on Community 2022)

Please refer to the Code snippets section of the Documentation for quick usage

What kind of data can ATL actually read ? From which formats ?


NB1 : Empty cells mean "not applicable for this audio format"

NB2 : All metadata is read according to Unicode/UTF-8 encoding when applicable, which means any "foreign" character (japanese, chinese, cyrillic...) will be recognized and displayed properly

R= Read / W= Write

Audio format Extensions ID3v1.0-1.1 support ID3v2.2-2.4 support (1) APEtag 1.0-2.0 support Format-specific tagging support
Advanced Audio Coding, Apple Lossless (ALAC) .AAC, .MP4, .M4A, .M4B R/W R/W R/W R/W
Apple Core Audio .CAF (5)
Audible .AAX, .AA R/W R/W R/W R/W
Audio Interchange File Format .AIF, .AIFF, .AIFC R/W R/W
Digital Theatre System .DTS
Direct Stream Digital .DSD, .DSF R/W
Dolby Digital .AC3 R/W
Extended Module .XM R/W (2)
Free Lossless Audio Codec .FLAC R/W R/W
Genesis YM2612 .GYM R/W
Impulse Tracker .IT R/W (2)
Musical Instruments Digital Interface .MID, .MIDI R/W (3)
Monkey's Audio .APE R/W R/W R/W
MPEG Audio Layer .MP1, .MP2, .MP3 R/W R/W R/W
MusePack / MPEGplus .MPC, .MP+ R/W R/W R/W
Noisetracker/Soundtracker/Protracker .MOD R/W (2)
OGG : Vorbis, Opus, Embedded FLAC .OGG, .OGA, .OPUS R/W
ScreamTracker .S3M R/W (2)
SPC700 (Super Nintendo Sound files) .SPC R/W
Toms' losslesss Audio Kompressor .TAK R/W
True Audio .TTA R/W R/W R/W
PCM (uncompressed audio) .WAV, .BWAV, .BWF R/W R/W R/W (4)
Video Game Music (SEGA systems sound files) .VGM, .VGZ R/W
WavPack .WV R/W
Windows Media Audio/Advanced Systems Format .WMA, .ASF R/W

(1) : ATL reads ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags, but only writes ID3v2.3 tags and ID3v2.4 tags

(2) : all sample names appear on the track's Comment field. Track title only is editable

(3) : MIDI meta events appear on the track's Comment field

(4) : Support for BEXT, LIST (general metadata, labels and notes), CUE (cue points), SMPL (sample loops), DISP (displayable objects) and iXML metadata chunks

(5) : Reads audio properties only, due to the rarity of sample CAF files tagged with actual metadata


  • Audio properties (from audio data) : Bitrate, Sample rate, Duration, VBR, Codec family, Channels count and arrangement
  • Standard Metadata (from tags) : Title, Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Conductor, Description, Comment, Genre, Track number, Total tracks, Disc number, Total discs, Recording Year and Date, Album, Rating, Publisher, Publishing Date, Copyright, Original album, Original artist, Embedded pictures, Chapters, Unsynchronized and synchronized Lyrics
  • Custom Metadata : any other field that might be in the tag is readable and editable by ATL


  • Read and write : ASX, B4S, M3U, M3U8, PLS, SMIL (including WPL and ZPL), XSPF, DPL (PotPlayer playlist)
  • Read-only : FPL (Foobar2000 playlist)

See detailed compatibility table here



What is the roadmap of ATL.NET ?

  • Support for Broadcast wave metadata : aXML and XMP
  • Support for other audio file formats : Speex
  • Connectors to other library file formats (e.g. iTunes)

NB : Any user request that can be granted quickly will take priority over the roadmap

Does ATL.NET include code authored by other people ?

ATL.NET is based on :

  • Audio Tools Library 2.3 by Jurgen Faul, Mattias Dahlberg, Gambit, MaDah and Erik Stenborg (code ported from Pascal to C# and refactored)

  • MIDI class 1.5 by Valentin Schmidt & Michael Mlivoncic (code ported from PHP to C# and refactored)

Special thanks for their contributions to...

leglubert, tarrats, DividedSE, audiamus

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