Track Advancement of SLAM 跟踪SLAM前沿动态【2021 version】
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2 years ago5
Track Advancement of SLAM 跟踪SLAM前沿动态【2021 version】
Co Fusion414
2 years ago5otherC++
Co-Fusion: Real-time Segmentation, Tracking and Fusion of Multiple Objects
3 years ago13otherC++
MaskFusion: Real-Time Recognition, Tracking and Reconstruction of Multiple Moving Objects
a year ago5otherJupyter Notebook
Data, tools, and documentation of the Fusion 360 Gallery Dataset
7 years agomitC++
Implementation of "kinect fusion" 3d shape reconstruction method
6 years agoagpl-3.0C++
Multi-view 3D Reconstruction via Depth Map Fusion
Aacvp Mvsnet12
2 years agogpl-3.0Python
The code for AACVP-MVSNet
Tpami Cu Net11
2 years ago4Python
Levelsetfusion Python8
3 years ago5apache-2.0Python
Level Set Fusion (3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes) Experimental Code
6 years ago1C++
ROS wrapper around TUM's fastfusion
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1. [Fusion] 2021-01-14-Visual-IMU State Estimation with GPS and OpenStreetMap for Vehicles on a Smartphone

2. [Math] 2021-01-14-On the Tightness of Semidefinite Relaxations for Rotation Estimation

3. [Calibration] 2021-01-14-On-the-fly Extrinsic Calibration of Non-Overlapping in-Vehicle Cameras based on Visual SLAM under 90-degree Backing-up Parking

4. [Descriptor] 2021-01-14-ASD-SLAM: A Novel Adaptive-Scale Descriptor Learning for Visual SLAM

5. [Panoramas] 2021-01-14-UPSLAM: Union of Panoramas SLAM

6. [PhD thesis] 2021-01-14-Uncertainty-Aware Attention Guided Sensor Fusion For Monocular Visual Inertial Odometry

7. [Calibration] 2021-01-23-Automatic Extrinsic Calibration Method for LiDAR and Camera Sensor Setups

8. [Math] 2021-01-23-Factor Graphs: Exploiting Structure in Robotics

9. [ICP] 2021-01-23-Provably Approximated ICP

10. [MC-slam] 2021-01-23-TIMA SLAM: Tracking Independently and Mapping Altogether for an Uncalibrated Multi-Camera System

11. [VIO] 2021-02-09-Open AccessArticle Monocular Visual Inertial Direct SLAM with Robust Scale Estimation for Ground Robots/Vehicles

12. [VIO] 2021-02-09-VIO-Aided Structure from Motion Under Challenging Environments

13. [Calibration] 2021-02-09-High-Precision Multicamera-Assisted Camera-IMU Calibration: Theory and Method

14. [DirectVO] 2021-02-09-Tight Integration of Feature-Based Relocalization in Monocular Direct Visual Odometry

15. [Calibration] 2021-02-25-Simultaneous End User Calibration of Multiple Magnetic Inertial Measurement Units With Associated Uncertainty

16. [VSLAM] 2021-02-25-Point-line-based RGB-D SLAM and Bundle Adjustment Uncertainty Analysis

17. [VIO] 2021-02-25-Consistent Right-Invariant Fixed-Lag Smoother with Application to Visual Inertial SLAM

18. [VIO] 2021-03-09-OV2SLAM : A Fully Online and Versatile Visual SLAM for Real-Time Applications

19. [LVIO] 2021-03-09-R2LIVE: A Robust, Real-time, LiDAR-Inertial-Visual tightly-coupled state Estimator and mapping

20. [Review] 2021-03-09-Visual and Visual-Inertial SLAM: State of the Art, Classification,and Experimental Benchmarking

21. [DVS] 2021-03-09-Data-set for Event-based Optical Flow Evaluation in Robotics Applications

22. [Lidar slam] 2021-03-09-GR-LOAM: LiDAR-based sensor fusion SLAM for ground robots on complex terrain

23. [Fusion] 2021-03-09-Range-Focused Fusion of Camera-IMU-UWB for Accurate and Drift-Reduced Localization

24. [VIO] 2021-03-09-Accurate Visual-Inertial SLAM by Feature Re-identification

25. [Filter] 2021-03-09-PHD-SLAM 2.0: Efficient SLAM in the Presence of Missdetections and Clutter

26. [R-LOAM] 2021-03-09-R-LOAM: Improving LiDAR Odometry and Mapping with Point-To-Mesh Features of a Known 3D Reference Object

27. [VIO] 2021-03-09-A One-Step Visual-Inertial Ego-Motion Estimation using Photometric Feedback

28. [Panoramic] 2021-03-09-Panoramic annular SLAM with loop closure and global optimization

29. [Fusion] 2021-03-09-Visual-Gyroscope-Wheel Odometry with Ground Plane Constraint for Indoor Robots in Dynamic Environment

30. [Learned VO] 2021-03-09-DF-VO: What Should Be Learnt for Visual Odometry?

31. [Fusion] 2021-03-09-An Outline of Multi-Sensor Fusion Methods for Mobile Agents Indoor Navigation

32. [VIO] 2021-03-09-Run Your Visual-Inertial Odometry on NVIDIA Jetson : Benchmark Tests on a Micro Aerial Vehicle

33. [Reconstruction] 2021-03-09-A Pose-only Solution to Visual Reconstruction and Navigation

34. [Reconstruction] 2021-03-09-Square Root Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale Reconstruction

35. [Fusion] 2021-03-09-Range-Visual-Inertial Odometry: Scale Observability Without Excitation

36. [Optimization] 2021-03-09-Sparse Pose Graph Optimization in Cycle Space

37. [DeepVO] 2021-03-26-Deep Online Correction for Monocular Visual Odometry

38. [RP-VIO] 2021-03-26-RP-VIO: Robust Plane-based Visual-Inertial Odometry for Dynamic Environments

39. [Application] 2021-03-26-Small Commercial UAVs for Indoor Search and Rescue Missions

40. [calibration] 2021-04-01-A Joint Extrinsic Calibration Tool for Radar, Camera and Lidar

41. [Learning SFM] 2021-04-01-DRO: Deep Recurrent Optimizer for Structure-from-Motion

42. [VIO] 2021-04-01-Distributed Visual-Inertial Cooperative Localization

43. [VO] 2021-04-01-MBA-VO: Motion Blur Aware Visual Odometry

44. [Reconstruction] 2021-04-14-Sketch2Mesh: Reconstructing and Editing 3D Shapes from Sketches

45. [Reconstruction] 2021-04-14-Deep Two-View Structure-from-Motion Revisited

46. [Reconstruction] 2021-04-14-NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video

47. [Mapping] 2021-04-14-A Front-End for Dense Monocular SLAM using a Learned Outlier Mask Prior

48. [VO] 2021-04-14-An Energy-Efficient Quad-Camera Visual System for Autonomous Machines on FPGA Platform

49. [VO] 2021-04-14-FSD-SLAM: a fast semi-direct SLAM algorithm


51. [VO] 2021-04-14-Towards Real-time Semantic RGB-D SLAM in Dynamic Environments

52. [ORB] 2021-05-15-Reconfigurable Multi-Access Pattern Vector Memory For Real-Time ORB Feature Extraction

53. [VIO] 2021-05-15-An Equivariant Filter for Visual Inertial Odometry

54. [VO] 2021-05-15-VOLDOR+SLAM: For the times when feature-based or direct methods are not good enough

55. [LVI] 2021-05-15-LVI-SAM: Tightly-coupled Lidar-Visual-Inertial Odometry via Smoothing and Mapping

56. [VO] 2021-05-15-Extreme Rotation Estimation using Dense Correlation Volumes

57. [optimization] 2021-06-07-A Comparison of Graph Optimization Approaches for Pose Estimation in SLAM

58. [calibration] 2021-06-07-iCalib: Inertial Aided Multi-Sensor Calibration

59. [learned vo] 2021-06-07-DeepAVO: Efficient Pose Refining with Feature Distilling for Deep Visual Odometry

60. [Reconstruction] 2021-06-07-Multi-view 3D Reconstruction of a Texture-less Smooth Surface of Unknown Generic Reflectance

61. [Tools] 2021-08-13-OdoViz: A 3D Odometry Visualization and Processing Tool

62. [Fusion] 2021-08-24-Multi-Camera Sensor Fusion for Visual Odometry using Deep Uncertainty Estimation

63. [Fusion] 2021-08-24-Resilient Indoor Localization System Based on UWB and Visual–Inertial Sensors for Complex Environments

64. [Event camera] 2021-08-24-TUM-VIE: The TUM Stereo Visual-Inertial Event Dataset

65. [Monocular] 2021-08-24-A Hybrid Sparse-Dense Monocular SLAM System for Autonomous Driving

66. [Fusion] 2021-08-24-Tightly-Coupled Multi-Sensor Fusion for Localization with LiDAR Feature Maps

67. [BA] 2021-08-24-SBAS: Salient Bundle Adjustment for Visual SLAM

68. [Lidar] 2021-08-24-Piecewise Linear De-skewing for LiDAR Inertial Odometry

69. [Deep SLAM] 2021-08-25-DROID-SLAM: Deep Visual SLAM for Monocular, Stereo, and RGB-D Cameras

70. [Deep SLAM] 2021-08-27-MDN-VO: Estimating Visual Odometry with Confidence

71. [Object slam] 2021-08-30-DSP-SLAM: Object Oriented SLAM with Deep Shape Priors

72. [VSLAM] 2021-08-30-Semi-dense visual-inertial odometry and mapping for computationally constrained platforms

73. [BA] 2021-09-01-On Bundle Adjustment for Multiview Point Cloud Registration

73. [Math] 2021-09-01-Robust Rank Deficient SLAM

73. [COVINS] 2021-09-01-COVINS: Visual-Inertial SLAM for Centralized Collaboration

74. [EKF VIO] 2021-09-10-An Equivariant Filter for Visual Inertial Odometry

75. [Event Camera] 2021-09-10-EventPoint: Self-Supervised Local Descriptor Learning for Event Cameras

76. [GNSS] 2021-09-10-GNSS Outlier Mitigation Via Graduated NonConvexity Factor Graph Optimization

77. [VSLAM] 2021-09-10-Visual SLAM with Graph-Cut Optimized Multi-Plane Reconstruction

78. [VIO] 2021-09-10-Sampson Distance: A New Approach to Improving VisualInertial Odometry’s Accuracy

79. [Application] 2021-09-10-A Wearable Robotic Device for Assistive Navigation and Object Manipulation

80. [Reconstruction] 2021-09-10-Vis2Mesh: Efficient Mesh Reconstruction from Unstructured Point Clouds of Large Scenes with Learned Virtual View Visibility

81. [IMU] 2021-09-13-Exploring the Accuracy Potential of IMU Preintegration in Factor Graph Optimization

82. [UWB] 2021-09-13-MIR-VIO: Mutual Information Residual-based Visual Inertial Odometry with UWB Fusion for Robust Localization

83. [SLAM] 2021-09-13-Predicting Performance of SLAM Algorithms

84. [DL based] 2021-09-13-UnDeepLIO: Unsupervised Deep Lidar-Inertial Odometry

85. [Fusion] 2021-09-13-Tightly-Coupled Multi-Sensor Fusion for Localization with LiDAR Feature Maps

86. [BA] 2021-09-13-Square Root Marginalization for Sliding-Window Bundle Adjustment

87. [VIO] 2021-09-15-Semi-dense visual-inertial odometry and mapping for computationally constrained platforms

87. [DeepLearning BA] 2021-09-15-PoGO-Net: Pose Graph Optimization with Graph Neural Networks

88. [DeepLearning MVS] 2021-09-15-NeuralMVS: Bridging Multi-View Stereo and Novel View Synthesis

89. [IMU] 2021-09-15-Exploring the Accuracy Potential of IMU Preintegration in Factor Graph Optimization

90. [Thesis] 2021-09-15-Self Exploration and Mapping for Indoor Robotic Applications

91. [Fusion] 2021-09-15-Tightly-Coupled Multi-Sensor Fusion for Localization with LiDAR Feature Maps

92. [BA] 2021-09-15-Square Root Marginalization for Sliding-Window Bundle Adjustment

93. [semantic] 2021-09-23-Evaluating the Impact of Semantic Segmentation and Pose Estimation on Dense Semantic SLAM

94. [mapping] 2021-09-23-Efficient and Probabilistic Adaptive Voxel Mapping for Accurate Online 3D SLAM

95. [semantic] 2021-09-23-S3LAM: Structured Scene SLAM

96. [fusion] 2021-09-23-R3LIVE: A Robust, Real-time, RGB-colored, LiDAR-Inertial-Visual tightly-coupled state Estimation and mapping package

97. [Calibration] 2021-09-23-Fast and Accurate Extrinsic Calibration for Multiple LiDARs and Cameras

98. [lidar] 2021-09-23-Globally Consistent 3D LiDAR Mapping with GPU-accelerated GICP Matching Cost Factors

99. [Math] 2021-10-21-Active SLAM over Continuous Trajectory and Control:A Covariance-Feedback Approach

100. [radar] 2021-10-21-Oriented surface points for efficient and accurate radar odometry

101. [Dataset] 2021-10-21-DenseMatch: a dataset for real-time 3D reconstruction

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