🚀 A performance app engine to create web services and applications in minutes.Suitable for AI, IoT, Industrial Internet, Connected Vehicles, DevOps, Energy, Finance and many other use-cases.
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:rocket: A performance app engine to create web services and applications in minutes.Suitable for AI, IoT, Industrial Internet, Connected Vehicles, DevOps, Energy, Finance and many other use-cases.
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YAO App Engine

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(English version coming soon)

YAO is an open-source application engine, written in Golang, in the form of a command-line tool that can be downloaded and used immediately. It is suitable for developing business systems, website/APP API, admin panel, self-built low-code platforms, etc.

YAO adopts a flow-based programming model to implement various functions by writing YAO DSL (Logical Description in JSON format) or using JavaScript to write processes. The YAO DSL can be written in several ways:

  1. Purely hand-written

  2. Use automated scripts to generate contextual logic

  3. Use the visual editor to create by "drag and drop"

Documentation: https://yaoapps.com/en-US/doc


Applications developed with YAO

Application Description Repository
yaoapp/yao-examples Yao Examples YaoApp/yao-examples
yaoapp/yao-knowledge A knowledge base application YaoApp/yao-knowledge
yaoapp/xgen-dev-app A demo application YaoApp/xgen-dev-app
yaoapp/demo-project A demo application for project management yaoapp/demo-project
yaoapp/demo-finance A demo application for financial management yaoapp/demo-finance
yaoapp/demo-plm A demo application for production project management yaoapp/demo-plm


Yao allows developers to create web services by processes. Yao is a app engine that creates a database model, writes API services, and describes dashboard interface just by JSON for web & hardware, and 10x productivity.

Yao is based on the flow-based programming idea, developed in the Go language, and supports multiple ways to expand the data stream processor. This makes Yao extremely versatile, which can replace programming languages in most scenarios, and is 10 times more efficient than traditional programming languages in terms of reusability and coding efficiency; application performance and resource ratio Better than PHP, JAVA and other languages.

Yao has a built-in data management system. By writing JSON to describe the interface layout, 90% of the common interface interaction functions can be realized. It is especially suitable for quickly making various management background, CRM, ERP and other internal enterprise systems. Special interactive functions can also be implemented by writing extension components or HTML pages. The built-in management system is not coupled with Yao, and any front-end technologies such as VUE and React can be used to implement the management interface.


Run the script under terminal: (MacOS/Linux)

curl -fsSL https://website.yaoapps.com/install.sh | bash

For Windows users, please refer to the Installation and Debugging chapter: Installation and debugging

Getting Started

See documentation for more details.

Create a blank project

Create a new application directory, enter the application directory, run the yao start command, and start the installation.

mkdir -p /data/app # create project directory
cd /data/app # Enter the project directory
yao start # Start installation

Default Account

Download a project

Create a new project directory, enter the project directory, run the yao get command, and download the application code.

mkdir -p /data/app # create project directory
cd /data/app # Enter the project directory
yao get yaoapp/demo-plm # download demo-plm
yao start # Start installation

Default Account

About Yao

Yao's name is derived from the Chinese character ** (yo)**, the basic symbol that makes up the Eight Trigrams. The Eight Trigrams is a symbol system created by the ancient god Fuxi after observing and summarizing the laws of nature, which can refer to everything. Yao has two states of yin and yang, like 0 and 1. The transformation of yin and yang of Yao drives the replacement of Eight Trigrams, so as to summarize and record the development law of things.

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