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DHLab Workshops

Welcome to the landing page for workshops taught by Yale University's Digital Humanities Lab. This repository contains code, data, and visualizations from past workshops. If you're interested in working through the materials, follow the links below to access the relevant subdirectories in this repository. If you're a Yale affiliate and would like to propose a future workshop on data mining or humanities programming, open an issue for this repository or get in touch via email!

Creation Date Topic
05-24-2016 Plotting the distribution of keywords in a single text with R
05-31-2016 Plotting the distributions of keywords in multiple texts with R
07-14-2016 Web Scraping with Unix and Python
08-18-2016 Building a Bookworm on a Linux Server
09-20-2016 Topic Modeling with R
09-27-2016 Introduction to the Command Line
10-11-2016 InPho Topic Explorer
01-26-2017 Introduction to React.js
04-13-2017 Google Analytics with R
04-18-2017 Introduction to Git and Github
04-20-2017 Introduction to ggplot2
09-26-2017 Named Entity Recognition with Stanford's CoreNLP
10-17-2017 Introduction to Story Maps
10-25-2017 Introduction to JavaScript
11-10-2017 Command Line Git
11-28-2017 Introduction to D3
03-09-2018 Topic Modeling with Python
03-26-2018 GitHub Pages
10-03-2018 Introduction to Machine Learning
04-17-2019 Creating Art with Neural Networks
11-01-2019 Introduction to Word Vectors
12-10-2019 Creating Art with Neural Networks
01-23-2020 Text Recognition with Adobe Acrobat & ABBYY Finereader
02-27-2020 Neural Style Transfer with RunwayML
06-02-2020 Guide for Getting Started with Tropy
06-22-2020 Data Visualization with Tableau Public
10-01-2020 First Steps with Python
10-15-2020 Getting Started with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
10-22-2020 Intro to HTML Parsing with Python
10-29-2020 Getting Started with Networks
11-05-2020 Classification with Python
12-03-2020 Color Analysis with Python
12-10-2020 Analyzing Image Similarity with Python

DHLab Python for Humanists Series

Sequence Number Topic
01 First Steps with Python
02 Getting Started with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
03 Intro to HTML Parsing with Python
04 Getting Started with Networks
05 Classification with Python
06 Color Analysis with Python
07 Analyzing Image Similarity with Python
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