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Antdfront is a set of multi label experimental react microfrontend template based on ant design, embracing react hook, pure function, realizing button level access, using the next generation of data flow and micro front-end framework Qiankun

  • Native: Built with react hook, webpack, babel, antd and other native components, supports PWA
  • Route: React-route6 and pure Native components implement react multi tabs
  • Minimal data flow: Integrate the next-generation state manager recoil for React
  • Micro Frontend: Use qiankun to implement micro frontend


1: gitclone
2: npm i or yarn
3: npm run dev

Technology choice and motivation


i18n internationalization




recoil,webpack5 react17 i18n( lingui.js )Prolayout react-router6 prolayout permission micro front-end routing migration completed

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