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Auto-Editor is a command line application for automatically editing video and audio by analyzing where sections are silent and cutting them up.

Before doing the real editing, you first cut out the "dead space" which is typically just silence. This is typically known as a "first pass". Cutting all these dead spaces is a boring task, especially if the video is 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour long.

Luckily, this can be automated with software. Once you'll installed auto-editor, you can run:

auto-editor path/to/your/video.mp4

from your console and it will generate a brand new video with all the silent sections cut off. Generating a new video takes a while so instead, you can export the new video to your editor directly. For example, running:

auto-editor example.mp4 --export_to_premiere

Will create an XML file that can be imported to Adobe Premiere Pro. This is much much faster than generating a new video (takes usually seconds). DaVinici Resolve and Final Cut Pro are also supported.

auto-editor example.mp4 --export_to_resolve
auto-editor example.mp4 --export_to_final_cut_pro

You can change the pace of a video by changing by including frames that are silent but are next to loud parts. A frame margin of 8 will add up to 8 frames before and 8 frames after the loud part.

auto-editor example.mp4 --frame_margin 8

Auto-Editor is available on all platforms



Auto-Editor is under the Public Domain but contains non-free elements. See this page for more info.


If you have a bug or a code suggestion, you can create a new issue here. If you'll like to discuss this project, suggest new features, or chat with other users, you can use the discord server.

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