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Awesome Open Source


Collection of Dotfiles for the Lovely Members of r/UnixPorn


  1. Details
  2. Dependencies
  3. Cool Things to Install
  4. Recommended Applications
  5. Application Theming
  6. Latte Dock



Set Up KDE For i3: Best DE + best WM

  • Must have splash screen set to "None" in KDE settings, otherwise feh will take a long time to set wallpaper
  • Remember to remove KDE shortcuts to avoid conflict with i3 shortcuts
  • KDE slows down computer, remove window effects that no longer apply with i3 / compton to speed it up
    • Settings -> Desktop Behaviour -> Desktop Effects: uncheck everything
    • Settings -> Display and Monitor -> Compositor: uncheck enable compositor on startup, set Tearing Prevention to Never
Dependency Description Usage
plasma Best DE, imo Desktop Environment
i3-gaps Best WM of a generation Window Manager
Compton (tryone) Fork of the best window compositor with added blur effects Window Compositor
rofi Beatiful application launcher Application Launcher
oh-my-zsh ZSH is a better looking bash alternative Shell
Latte Dock Panel Best dock / panel
Hasklig Font Beautiful terminal / text editor / IDE font Monospace Font with Ligature Support
San Francisco Font Minimial, clean font used in macOS System Font
feh Sets Background Background Setter

Cool Things to Install

  • Conky-Cairo: Cool Desktop system monitor tool
    • Conky theme in dotfiles is set up to apear on a high DPI laptop display, may appear too large on 1920 x 1080 displays
  • Flashfocus: Makes windows flash once when switched to active
  • Install Unimatrix: Cool terminal matrix text flow animation
  • Install pipes: Cool pipe terminal animation
  • Install redshift: Changes screen tones for evening viewing
  • Unclutter: auto hides cursor after set time

Recommended Applications

Application Theming:


  1. Ensure spicetify is installed
  2. chown spotify directory: sudo chown $USER -R /opt/spotify
  3. run spicetify once to generate config
  4. spicetify backup apply enable-devtool to enable devtools
  5. Place your color.ini and user.css in ~/.config/spicetify/Themes/<your theme name, whatever you want> and edit ~/.config/spicetify/config.ini to reflect this name
  6. run spicetify update restart


  • Install Powerline Fonts
    • git clone
    • cd fonts
    • ./
    • set font
  • Change theme to agnoster -open ~/.zshrc
    • Set ZSH_THEME="agnoster" and save the file
  • Install Plugins (Note That ~/.zshrc edits are in repo)
    • Syntax Hilighting
      • git clone ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-syntax-highlighting
      • Edit ~/.zshrc, add zsh-syntax-highlighting to the plugins section
      • Reread config source ~/.zshrc
    • Autosuggestion
      • git clone $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/zsh-autosuggestions
      • Edit ~/.zshrc, add zsh-autosuggestions to the plugins section
      • Reread config source ~/.zshrc
  • Guide

Latte Dock Setup

Top Panel:

  • Mode: panel
  • Widgets (in order):
    • Window Title Applet
    • Global Menu
      • GTK / Electron Global Menu Panel Support:
        • sudo pacman -S appmenu-gtk-module appmenu-gtk-module
        • sudo pacman -S appmenu-gtk-module libdbusmenu-glib
    • Spacer
    • Digital Clock
    • Spacer
    • Application Icons (Drag icons from application launcher to panel to add)
    • System Tray
    • User Switcher

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