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Custom Scrollbars

Give your browser a personalized touch with custom scrollbar colors! You can select from any range of colors and toggle between the default width and thin scrollbar... or hide it altogether if that's what floats your boat.


Release Notes

Release notes can be found on this GitHub repository.



The Custom Scrollbars add-on is used by people around the world. I'd like to provide users with the best experience. As such, I'd love to make the add-on available in languages other than English. But for that, I need some help.

Seeing as I only know English, I need the people who use and love this add-on to help me translate it into other languages.

Thanks to the great folks at Crowdin, I have posted all of the English text that's used in the add-on to the Crowdin platform. If you'd like to help provide translations for the add-on, you can go to the Custom Scrollbars page on Crowdin and start translating the add-on into other languages.

Don't see your language listed on Crowdin? I've included the languages that are most common (according to my add-on statistics), but I'd be happy to add other languages to the list. Create an issue on GitHub and I'll add the language to the Crowdin page.


This repository contains all of the required source code files to make changes to this extension. The "master" branch contains the source code for the latest stable release. If you want to test that version, you can view the release section to download the XPI file or visit the add-on listing on Mozilla.

If you want to make changes to this extension, you are welcome to do so. All files for the extension are located in the "src" folder. The source code of upcoming versions (if any) will be located in another branch.

Because there are some differences between the add-on for Firefox vs the add-on for Chromium-based browsers, you will first need to run our build script. To do so, either run the build.bat file (on Windows) or file (on Linux). This will create copies of the necessary files under the "build" folder. The folder will continue two sub-folders: One for Firefox and another for Chromium. You will then be able to debug the extension on your browser by pointing the browser to that folder.

It's important to note that the contents of the "build" folder are not saved to the GitHub repository when you make a commit or pull request to the source code. Therefore, any code changes should be made to the files in the "src" folder and then you should run the build script to update the files you are testing in the browser.

The majority of the files in the source code are compatible with all supported browsers. However, there are some files that are exclusive to either the Firefox version or Chromium-based version of the add-on. These files are listed below:

Firefox Only Chromium Only
manifest-firefox.json manifest-chromium.json

Other files may contain sections of code that are only used by a certain browser. These sections of code will still be included in the source code for other browsers, but should be appropriately labelled with a comment (were possible) to indicate that it's only used by a specific browser.

Feel free to work on any of the issues listed on GitHub. To avoid working on the same issue as someone else, avoid working on issues that have already been assigned to someone. When you start working on an issue, please make sure to post a comment in the issue so that the issue can be assigned to you. If you decide to stop working on an issue, please make a comment in the issue so that you can be unassigned from the issue and someone else can start working on it.

Issues are given the following labels to indicate the issue type:

Label Description
Bug This issue descibes something that is not currently working properly in the add-on.
Enhancement This issue is requesting a new feature or the expansion of an existing aspect of the add-on.
Documentation This issue is requesting a change or addition to the add-on documentation.
Won't Fix This issue is not currently possible or not something that will be addressed at the moment.
Invalid This issue describes something that is not broken or the issue is not completed properly by the person that created it.
Duplicate This issue is a duplicate of another issue that has already been filed. The duplicate issue will be referenced in the comments.

To help ensure that development effort is being spent efficiently, issues may also be assigned a priority label as a guideline:

Label Description
P1 Critical priority
P2 High priority
P3 Medium priority
P4 Low priority

Creating an issue

Issues are the ticketing system used on GitHub. It's used to track bugs and enhancements that developers can work on. Here are the 3 main types of issues and what to keep in mind when creating a new issue.


A bug is something that is not working properly in the add-on. Finding and fixing bugs is a very important part of maintaining this add-on.

When create a new issue for a bug, please make sure to include as much information as possible. This should include detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem and links to relevant website(s) (if applicable). Screenshots are also helpful, if an issue is visible.

Additional information about your computer operating system and the internet browser(s) that the issue occurs on is very helpful when trying to diagnose and fix problems.

Enhancement / Feature Request

We are always looking for ways to improve the Custom Scrollbars add-on. We welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the add-on and new features that could be introduced.

When creating an issue for an enhancement or feature request, it can often be helpful to provide some background about why you think a change is needed and how it would be helpful to other users. Please make sure to search through the other issues on this GitHub repository to make sure that the feature you are looking for hasn't already been filed by someone else.

Sometimes new features may take a long time to be added to the add-on. Sometimes they may not be added at all. Please don't take it personally if your feature request is rejected or given a low priority.

Documentation Change

Sometimes features of the add-on or browsers can change and the documentation on the add-on's wiki page may no longer be accurate. Sometimes the documentation may be written in a way that is confusing or incomplete.

If you notice a problem with the documentation available for this add-on, feel free to make the change. However, if you don't have the required access to make a change, you can create an issue.

When creating an issue about a change to the documentation, please make sure to provide a link to the document in question and include what any changes in the issue description.

Spread The Word

If you are enjoying the add-on, consider sharing it with your friends. New users are found almost entirely through word of mouth, so every little big of promotion helps.

Also, consider leaving a review on the add-on store page. These reviews help others find the add-on in the store search page.


While donations are certainly not required, they are very much appreciated. Financial support (even if it's just the cost of a cup of coffee) helps fund future development of this add-on. To make sure that you are donating to a legitimate source, please use this link.

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