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WebFiori Framework

Note: This repo contains the core of the framework. Application template can be found in the repo webfiori/app

What is WebFiori Framework?

WebFiori Framework is a mini web development framework which is built using PHP language. The framework is fully object oriented (OOP). It uses semi-MVC model but it does not force it. The framework comes with many features which can help in making your website or web application up and running in no time.

Supported PHP Versions

The framework can be run on PHP 5.6 up to PHP 8.0 .

Key Features

  • Provide minimum utilities to setup a small web application.
  • Theming and the ability to create multiple UIs for the same web page using any CSS or JavaScript framework.
  • Building and manipulating the DOM of a web page using PHP language.
  • Basic template engine.
  • Fast routing system that makes the ability of creating search-engine-friendly URLs an easy task.
  • Creation of web services (or APIs) that supports JSON with data filtering and validation.
  • Middleware support which can help in filtering HTTP requests before reaching application level.
  • Basic support for MySQL and MSSQL schema and query building.
  • Lightweight. The total size of framework core files is less than 3 megabytes.
  • Access management by assigning system user a set of privileges.
  • Simple sessions manager.
  • Support for creating and sending nice-looking HTML emails in a simple way using SMTP protocol.
  • Autoloading of user defined classes (loading composer packages also supported).
  • The ability to create background tasks and let them run in specific time using CRON.
  • Well-defined file upload and file handling sub-system.
  • Basic support for running the framework throgh CLI.
  • Ability to implement custom CLI commands.

Standard Libraries

Library Build Latest

Problems Solved

One of the things that any developer cares about any software project is the problem or problems it solves. As for WebFiori framework, It can help in solving the following problems:

  • The ability to create a customized links to web pages as needed by using Routing.
  • No need for touching HTML to play with the DOM by using UI Library of the framework.
  • Run PHP code as a CRON task through HTTP protocol or through terminal as a Background Job.
  • Changing whole user interface by changing one line of code throgh Theming.
  • Ability to move the source code of the web application without having to do a lot of re-configuration.
  • Sending HTML email messages with attachments without having to write a lot of code.
  • Solved the issues which are found in default PHP session management implementation by implementing a custom Sessions Management System.
  • Reduce the number of dependencies at which a developer need to setup a web application.

Getting Started

To learn the basics of how to use the framework, please head on to You can also read samedocs docs which can be found in docs repo. In addition to that, you can read the API docs of the framework at the official website.


Local Development Environment

If you plan to test the framework on your local machine, the recomended way is to have AMP stack (Apache, MySQL and PHP). There are many available online. We suggest to use the ones that are offered by Bitnami. You can go to to check the available options.

After installing AMP stack, you can ethier use composer to install the framework or install it manually by download it throgh If you plan to use composer, then you must first download composer from their website: Once downloaded, place the .phar file in the folder htdocs or your server root. Once you do that, run the terminal in htdocs and run the following command:

php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist webfiori/app my-site

This command will create new folder with the name my-site and install the framework inside it.

For more information about how to setup the framework, check here.


For information on how to contribute to the project, check here.


  • This project is a hoppy project.
  • The main aim of this project is learning.
  • If you think that there is a better way of doing things or wants new feature, feel free to drop an issue.
  • To report security vulnerabilities, please send an email to [email protected].


The project is licensed under MIT license.

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