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Kotlin MVVM Architecture

A sample app that display list of Google news. The purpose of this project to illustrate the usage of MVVM architecture design pattern that follow the best practices of Object Oriented Design Patterns using the following technology stack.

  1. Architecture Design Pattern
  2. MVVM
  3. Dagger2 (Dependency Injection)
  4. Live Data, MediatorLiveData
  5. Room Database
  6. Retrofit
  7. Unit Testing (Espresso), Mockito (Coming soon)
  8. Repository Pattern
  9. AndroidX
  10. Glide
  11. NetworkBoundResource, NetworkAndDBBoundResource
  12. Google News API
  13. JetPack Libraries



MVVM Architecture


MVVM Architecture

Mediator LiveData

MVVM Architecture

Other samples of MVVM using Kotlin


Waheed Nazir


  1. Google's official doc
  2. Google's Codelab
  3. Architecture Components Samples
  4. Jose Alcérreca's post at Medium

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