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Collection of IDA helpers

Heap Viewer

Heap viewer will parse an "IDA Segment Export" data heap_base.txt and will produce a table with the following details: + segment n. + segment start address + segment end address + segment size + space between two segments

Usage: -f heap_base.txt -o --segment
	-f 			IDA Segment Export input file
	-o 			Output File
	--segment		Hide space between two segment information

This will be the output file format:

|	seg n.	|	start		|	end			|	size
|	0		|	0xea180000	|	0xea300000	|	0x180000
|	1		|	0xe2480000	|	0xe2500000	|	0x80000
|	2		|	0xe2180000	|	0xe2200000	|	0x80000
|	3		|	0xe0a80000	|	0xe0b00000	|	0x80000

Segment Dumper

To use in conjunction with Heap Viewer, copy and paste the output address list and size from Heap Viewer inside Segment Dumper and load it into IDA, it will dump the relative segment from the memory saving it as a .bin file in the hardcoded folder.

Base Address

Replace the path of the desired library, insert function names in f_name and respective offset in f_addr. The script will pull library base address from IDA and calculate the final addresses for every listed functions, setting a software breakpoint to the respective address.


library base address = C7180000
function address = C718FF90

offset(base addr - function addr)= FF90

func addr = (offset + base addr)


Find pop pop ret gadgets

Func Complexity

Print out an ordererd list of functions, from the least complex to the most one (based on the number of basic blocks)

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