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VIVE Input Utility for Unity

Copyright 2016-2020, HTC Corporation. All rights reserved.


The VIVE Input Utility (VIU) is a toolkit for developing VR experiences in Unity, especially with the VIVE/VIVE Pro but also targeting many platforms from a common code base including Oculus Rift, Rift S Go, Quest, Google Daydream, VIVE Wave SDK (e.g. VIVE Focus standalone) and additional VR platforms as supported by Unity such as Microsoft's 'Mixed Reality' VR headsets and more. For the latest release notes click on the (releases) link.

How Do I Use This?

Read this step-by-step guide to using the Vive Input Utility for Unity.


  • Unity 5.3.6 or newer


  • API to access device input/tracking by role (eg. LeftHand/RightHand), instead of device index
  • Binding system, able to bind device to specific role, help manage multiple tracking devices
  • UI Pointer (EventSystem compatible)
  • Teleport
  • Object Grabbing/Throwing example

Supporting device

  • Simulator (Usage)
  • VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Cosmos (any OpenVR compatible device)
  • Oculus Rift & Touch, Rift S, Go, Quest
  • Daydream
  • VIVE Focus, Focus+ (any WaveVR compatible device)

(How to switch device)

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Repository: GitHub

Contributing guidelines:

  1. Read and agree the CLA.
  2. Create an issue for the work you want to contribute.
  3. Fork this project on GitHub.
  4. Create a new branch (based on master branch) for your work on your fork.
  5. After you finish your work
  6. Submit a pull request from your new branch to our develop branch.

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