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Data Structures and Algorithms

Clean example implementations of data structures and algorithms written in different languages.

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List of implementations

Algorithms list(not updated)


  • Contributions are always welcome. Language doesn't matter. Just make sure you're implementing an algorithm.

  • PRs are welcome. To begin developing, follow the structure:




  • If there is an implementation of the same algorithm in your language, do not give a PR for that.

  • Please include a description for the algorithm that you are implementing. It doesn't matter if it's copied from somewhere as long as it helps people that are learning new algorithm.

  • Graphical examples would be very helpful too.

  • You can include tests as well.

  • Don't remove previous implementations of algorithms. Just add a new file with your own implementation.

  • Beautify and clean up your code for easier reading


  • If your PR is closed without any comment, it means that your PR does not meet the above criteria. Make sure your PR is not Duplicate and it should be well-documented.


The curated list of resources dealing with algorithms.

Project Maintainers.

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