Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source




  • File upload and management
  • Uploading validation
  • Cropping and resizing of images
  • RWD user interface, and can be entirely customized
  • Supporting multiple files selection
  • Supporting cloud storages integration(with Laravel file system)
  • Multiple integration options:
    • WYSIWYG editors integration (CKEditor, TinyMCE, Summernote)
    • Standalone upload button
    • Iframe
  • Multi-user mode:
    • Shared folders: all users can upload and manage files
    • Private folders: dedicated folder for each user, only the owner can upload or manage files within
  • Customizable routes, middlewares, views, and folder path
  • Supports two categories: files and images. Each type works in different directory.
  • Supported locales : ar, az, bg, cs, de, el, en, es, eu, fa, fr, he, hu, id, it, ka, nl, pl, pt, pt-BR, ro, rs, ru, sk, sv, tr, uk, vi, zh-CN, zh-TW

v2.0 backlogs

There are still some thing we need to do make this package better:

  • [x] Documents for v2.0.0
  • [x] Add more events for files and folders manipulation
  • [ ] Events should pass object instead of only file path

We are also going to gain more integration like vue.js and Laravel Nova. Any PR is welcome!

RWD demo




  • @taswler the original author of this package.
  • @olivervogel for the awesome image library.
  • SVG Loaders by Sam (Licensed MIT)
  • Articles and videos which helped promoting this package.
  • All users and you.

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