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Integration for GOG Galaxy 2.0.


  • Library:
    • DRM free direct downloads from HumbleBundle
    • Third party game keys
    • Humble Trove games
  • Install: simple download via webbrowser
  • Installed games detection:
    • scanning Windows registry (only for games that can be uninstalled via Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features)
    • scanning file directory trees given in config file (experimental; 1 level deep tree search for directories names similar to game names from library)
  • Launch: running games tracking (requires launching via Galaxy)


Stable release:

autoupdates to next Stable relase (served as FriendsOfGalaxy fork)

GOG Galaxy 2.0 go to Settings->Integrations-> use build-in Search GitHub engine

Latest release:

autoupdates to next Latest release (since 0.7.0)

Download asset humblebundle_v{}.zip from releases and upack to:

  • Windows: %localappdata%\\Galaxy\plugins\installed
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/

From source:

Requires python3.6 or higher

  1. git clone
  2. cd galaxy-integration-humblebundle
  3. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  4. inv dist # this will forcelly restart Galaxy


Config window


To open: double click "Install" button from any HumbleBundle game view.


  • Library settings for game types to show
  • Local games settings for installed games detection

Galaxy settings


To open: go to Galaxy menu -> Settings -> Features -> "HUMBLE BUNDLE".


  • Ability to manualy overwrite detected Choice subscription months and Trove
  • Importing predefined tags: Key, Unrevealed for games that are third party keys
    • Warning: this will not automatically add tags for newly added games. You will have to import tags again.
    • Note: since v0.8 tag Trove is not longer used; re-import to clear out

Recommended Humble Choice view

  1. Go to Humble Bundle bookmark

  2. Filter to subscriptions


  1. Group by subscriptions


  1. Bookmark


  1. Rename a new bookmark with right-click


Can I group my Humble games and Choice games altogether?

You have to create a new filtered Humble Bundle bookmark, proceeding as follows:

  1. Click on the default Humble Bundle bookmark: you see only the owned games in this view, and your goal is to have a similar view that lists both owned and subscription games.

  2. Change the view filter selecting the funnel icon, then the Status menu -> and then flagging both Owned and Subcriptions.


  1. Bookmark the search query you've just composed clicking on the small bookmark flag.


  1. The view that you've just created will appear in the bookmark list as an Humble Bundle duplicate, so you want to rename it. To do so, click with right mouse button on the new bookmark itself and select Rename bookmark changing name with something you like as for example Humble Owned + Choices.


  1. Now when you select the new bookmark you can view (and search!) both owned and subscription Humble Bundle games.


Bug Reporting

This integrations uses to report anonymous error reports. Personal and sensitive data are not gathered.

Create new issue here.


  • for Galaxy and its open source API
  • MayeulC for his fork of Command-line downloader as a starting point for this integration

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