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An attack tool designed to remotely shut down CCTV cameras.


Simply run it and provide it the RTSP stream URL as a parameter. Depending on your network speed and the camera you're trying to shutdown, it might work sooner or later, or might not work.

Install instructions

Here is how to install camerattack on your machine.


  • go (> 1.10)

Steps to install

Make sure you installed the dependencies, and that you have Go modules enabled (GO111MODULE=on).

  1. export GO111MODULE=on (unless it's already on or you are using go > 1.12)
  2. go get
  3. cd $GOPATH/src/
  4. go install

The camerattack binary is now in your $GOPATH/bin ready to be used.

How does it work?

It simply does lots of requests really quickly on the device, hoping that it will crash because of a memory leak or some mistakes in its firmware's code.

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