Checks SOCKS Proxy List To find Working Proxies
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a day ago209gpl-3.0C#
A GUI client for Windows, support Xray core and v2fly core and others
V2ray Core43,1237414 days ago4June 03, 201926mitGo
A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.
V2ray Core23,9043018 hours ago201June 12, 202263mitGo
A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.
12 hours ago4April 26, 2021307gpl-3.0Kotlin
A V2Ray client for Android, support Xray core and v2fly core
Xray Core16,1644915 hours ago93June 19, 2023381mpl-2.0Go
Xray, Penetrates Everything. Also the best v2ray-core, with XTLS support. Fully compatible configuration.
20 days ago17April 09, 2021118gpl-3.0Go
🔥 Proxy is a high performance HTTP(S) proxies, SOCKS5 proxies,WEBSOCKET, TCP, UDP proxy server implemented by golang. Now, it supports chain-style proxies,nat forwarding in different lan,TCP/UDP port forwarding, SSH forwarding.Proxy是golang实现的高性能http,https,websocket,tcp,socks5代理服务器,支持内网穿透,链式代理,通讯加密,智能HTTP,SOCKS5代理,黑白名单,限速,限流量,限连接数,跨平台,KCP支持,认证API。
Brook13,854413 days ago33April 24, 202143gpl-3.0Go
A cross-platform programmable network tool. 一个跨平台可编程网络工具.
Proxychains Ng8,751
4 months ago119gpl-2.0C
proxychains ng (new generation) - a preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through one or more socks/http proxies. continuation of the unmaintained proxychains project. the page is currently not updated, use releases from github release page instead.
Hysteria7,311817 hours ago54June 11, 202397mitGo
Hysteria is a powerful, lightning fast and censorship resistant proxy.
Shadowsocks Rust6,57512 days ago33July 06, 202354mitRust
A Rust port of shadowsocks
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Checks for valid SOCKS4 & SOCKS5 proxies. This code is Python3 port of SOCKS-Proxy-Checker which was written in Python2 This code runs on python3.


For Help Type

python3 -h

Command Line Usage:

python3 -i <proxy_file_list> -o <file_to_write> -th <threads> -t <timeout>

You can use the auto mode for fetching proxies from default APIs.

python3 -auto -o <file_to_write> -th <threads> -t <timeout>

You can use the URL mode to add new urls to fetch proxies.

python3 -u -u -o <file_to_write> -th <threads> -t <timeout>

All the parameters are optional.
File, Auto, URL modes can be used simulaenously to gather more proxies.
The default thread count is 30 and timeout is 5 seconds.


Proxy list - An absolute path to the file containing a list of proxies in the of IP:Port

Output file - An absolute path to the file that the live SOCKS4/5 proxies will be written to.

Threads - The number of threads that will be used to check proxies. More threads = quicker scanning. If the thread count is too high, your internet connection may be interrupted and false timeouts/connection refused errors will be printed.

Timeout - The amount of time to give a potential proxy to repond before giving up and trying the next.

This script attempts to verify if a given IP:Port listing is a SOCKS4/5 proxy by completeing a SOCKS4/5 handshake with it. In order to maintain the highest level of compatibility I could, I did not use third party libraries and stuck with the default Python libraries.


You can Also Use My PROXY List to get New SOCKS Proxy. It Gets Updated Every 24 hours.

PROXY-List Link : TheSpeedX/PROXY-List

Test http & https proxy using

To use this script, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the requests library installed. You can install it using pip install requests if needed.
  2. Create two files named http.txt and https.txt in the same directory as the script. Each file should contain a list of IP addresses to test, with one IP per line.
  3. Run the script using the command: python
  4. The menu will be displayed, prompting you to select a file to test. Enter your choice by typing 1 or 2.
  5. If the chosen file is not found or empty, an error message will be displayed. Make sure the file contains valid IP addresses.
  6. The script will start testing the IP addresses using the selected file. An animation will be displayed to indicate the progress of testing.
  7. Once the testing is completed, the results will be saved in a file named results.txt in the same directory.
  8. The message "Testing complete. Results are saved to results.txt" will be displayed. Make sure to have the required http.txt and https.txt files in the same directory as the script and ensure they contain valid IP addresses.

Sample domains you can set:


For Any Queries:
Ping Me : Telegram

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