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Fun With Science

Are you bored solving the questions using the tough physics formulas?? Are you bored of long calculations?? Then here is a solution to your problems. This project is a Physics calculator where the user just needs to enter the values and the project calculates the result using the formula.

It really is that easy!

And the best part of it? FunwithScience is open source!

The website is live and can be visited on

Also join the discord channel for discussion

How does it differ from other problem-solving projects?

  • No Server-side Interactions
  • Speed
  • Complex Calculations within a few ms(milliseconds)

Tech Used

HTML5 CSS3 React Bootstrap** PHP

How to Contribute

If you think that you can add a new feature or want to fix a bug, we invite you to contribute to FunwithPhysics and make this project better. To start contributing, follow the below instructions:

  1. Create a folder at your desire location (usually at your desktop).

  2. Open Git Bash Here

  3. Create a Git repository.

    Run command git init

  4. Fork the repository.

  5. Clone your forked repository of project.

git clone<your_username>/FunwithScience.git
  1. Navigate to the project directory.
cd FunwithScience
  1. Add a reference(remote) to the original repository.
git remote add upstream
  1. Check the remotes for this repository.
git remote -v
  1. Always take a pull from the upstream repository to your main branch to keep it updated as per the main project repository.
git pull upstream main
  1. Create a new branch(prefer a branch name that relates to your assigned issue).
git checkout -b <YOUR_BRANCH_NAME>
  1. Perform your desired changes to the code base.

  2. Check your changes.

git status
git  diff
  1. Stage your changes.
git add . <\files_that_you_made_changes>
  1. Commit your changes.
git commit -m "relavant message"
  1. Push the committed changes in your feature branch to your remote repository.
git push -u origin <your_branch_name>
  1. To create a pull request, click on compare and pull requests.

  2. Add an appropriate title and description to your PR explaining your changes.

  3. Click on Create pull request.

Congratulations, you have made a PR to the FunwithPhysics. Wait for your submission to be accepted and your PR to be merged by a maintainer.

How to run the webpage on your local system

  1. Go to the funwithphysics directory.
cd funwithphysics
  1. Write the command.
npm install react-scripts --save
  1. Write the command.
yarn start / npm start

If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comments.

Open Source Programs we have been associated with:

Project Admin


Project Maintainers


Thanks goes to these wonderful people :

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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