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15 hours ago666otherTypeScript
SigNoz is an open-source APM. It helps developers monitor their applications & troubleshoot problems, an open-source alternative to DataDog, NewRelic, etc. 🔥 🖥. 👉 Open source Application Performance Monitoring (APM) & Observability tool
React Native Star Rating735220362 years ago11September 10, 201848JavaScript
A React Native component for generating and displaying interactive star ratings
React Native In App Review514
3 months ago44April 16, 202219mitJavaScript
The Google Play In-App Review API, App store rating API lets you prompt users to submit Play Store or App store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your app or game.
React Form Builder513
6 years ago3November 18, 201626mitJavaScript
A complete react form builder that interfaces with a json endpoint to load and save generated forms. The toolbox contains 16 items for gathering data. Everything from star ratings to signature boxes!
React Rating47623455a year ago63March 25, 202017mitJavaScript
A rating react component with custom symbols.
React Star Rating Component322360334 years ago10March 04, 201819mitJavaScript
Basic React component for star (or any other icon based) rating elements
Rn Emoji Feedback209
7 years ago3mitJavaScript
Demo of a Rating Component written in React Native
React Rater1896492 months ago32September 07, 20221bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
⭐️ Interative & customizable star rater
React Rating1751a month ago10December 20, 2022mitTypeScript
:star: Zero-dependency, highly customizable rating component for React.
React Stars149170213 years ago11November 06, 201738JavaScript
A simple star rating component for your React projects :star:
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Material-UI Rating

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npm install [email protected]


import Rating from 'material-ui-rating'

  onChange={(value) => console.log(`Rated with value ${value}`)}

Material Rating Properties

Name Type Default Description
classes* object Useful to extend the style applied to components. The accepted keys are listed below.
component elementType div The component used for the root node. Either a string to use a DOM element or a component.
disabled bool false Disables the rating and gray it out if set to true.
disableHover bool false Disable hover effects if set to true.
iconFilled node This is the icon to be used as an icon in value range.
iconFilledRenderer func Overrides filled icon renderer.
iconHoveredRenderer func Overrides hovered icon renderer.
iconHovered node This is the icon to be used as an hovered icon.
iconNormal node This is the icon to be used as an normal icon.
iconNormalRenderer func Overrides normal icon renderer.
max number 5 The max value of the rating bar.
onChange func Fired when a value is clicked.
readOnly bool false Don't allow input if set to true.
value number 0 The value of the rating bar.

* required property


You can override all the class names injected by Material-UI-Rating thanks to the classes property. This property accepts the following keys:

  • root - Applied to the root div element
  • iconButton - Applied to the IconButton component
  • icon - Applied to the SvgIcon component
  • disabled - Applied to the IconButton component when disabled prop is true
  • readOnly - Applied to the IconButton component when readOnly prop is true

RTL support

Following Material-UI's conventions, this package respects theme.direction.rtl, so right-to-left support works out-of-the-box.


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.

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