A python script that syncs the movies, shows and ratings between trakt and Plex (without needing a PlexPass or Trakt VIP subscription)
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2 days ago142September 14, 202326mitPython
A python script that syncs the movies, shows and ratings between trakt and Plex (without needing a PlexPass or Trakt VIP subscription)
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Plex torrent streaming through Debrid Services
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SickGear has proven the most reliable stable TV fork of the great Sick-Beard to fully automate TV enjoyment with innovation.
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2 years ago48bsd-3-clausePython
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3 years ago5Shell
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Alternatives To Plextraktsync
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Python Versions

This project adds a two-way-sync between and Plex Media Server. It requires a account but no Plex premium and no Trakt VIP subscriptions, unlike the Plex app provided by Trakt.


Originally created by @Taxel, now maintained by contributors.

Note: The PyTrakt API keys are not stored securely, so if you do not want to have a file containing those on your harddrive, you can not use this project.


Looking for a way to contribute?


  • Media in Plex are added to Trakt collection
  • Ratings are synced
  • Watched status are synced (dates are not reported from Trakt to Plex)
  • Liked lists in Trakt are downloaded and all movies in Plex belonging to that list are added
  • Watchlists are synced
  • You can edit the config file to choose what to sync
  • None of the above requires a Plex Pass or Trakt VIP membership. Downside: Needs to be executed manually or via cronjob, can not use live data via webhooks.


The script is known to work with Python 3.8-3.11 versions.



Installation with pipx.

pipx install PlexTraktSync

or, to install specific version:

pipx install PlexTraktSync==0.15.2 --force

and to upgrade:

plextraktsync self-update

which just calls pipx with:

pipx upgrade PlexTraktSync

to run:

plextraktsync sync

NOTE: pipx install will use OS specific paths for Config, Logs, Cache, see platformdirs documentation for details or check output of info command.

Docker Compose

You can setup docker compose file like this:

version: '2'
    command: sync
    container_name: plextraktsync
    restart: on-failure:2
      - ./config:/app/config
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Europe/Tallinn

You can use specific version 0.25.16:

  • image:

or latest 0.25.x version:

  • image:

Note: main is development version and reporting bugs against development versions are not supported.

Run the Docker Container

To run sync:

docker-compose run --rm plextraktsync sync

The container will stop after the sync is completed. Read Setup section to run it automatically at set intervals.

Install code from Pull request

This is to install development version to test if pull request would fix some problem.

See contributing guide how to install code from pull request.

Windows Setup (optional alternative)

NOTE: This installation method is not supported. It's documented solely by user contribution.

Unraid setup

NOTE: This installation method is not supported. It's documented solely by user contribution.

Option 1 for container creation: Create a manual Unraid container of PlexTraktSync:

  • Go to the Docker section, under "Docker Containers" and click "Add Container".
    • Click the advanced view to see all of the available parameters.
    • Leave the template blank/unselected.
    • Under Name: enter a name for the docker (e.g., PlexTraktSync).
    • Under Repository: enter (or whatever tag you want).
    • Under Extra Parameters: enter -it for interactive mode.
  • Click "Apply".
  • The container should start automatically. If not, start it.
  • Enter the console for the container.
  • Enter plextraktsync to start the credential process described above.

Option 2 for container creation: Utilize the "Community Apps" Unraid Plugin.

  • Go to the Plugins tab, paste the Community Apps URL in the URL area, and click "Install".

Once installed (or if already installed):

  • Go to the (newly created) Apps tab and search "plextraktsync", and click on the App, and click "Install" (
  • Take all the default settings (the -it switch as outlined elsewhere in the README is already present), and click "Apply".
  • The container then installs, and will start.

Schedule (cron) the container to start at given intervals to process the sync

Once installed (or if already installed):

  • Go to the Plugins tab, click on "User Scripts", and click the "Add New Script" button
  • Name your script accordingly
  • Click the "gear" icon next to the script name, and click "Edit Script"
  • Below the "#!/bin/bash" line add: docker start PlexTraktSync
  • Click "Save Changes"
  • Set the schedule accordingly using the dropdown menu next to the "Run in Background" button


NOTE: This installation method is not supported. You will not get support if you use this installation method.

Installing from GitHub is considered developer mode, and it's documented in


  • You will need to create a Trakt API app if you do not already have one:

    • Visit
    • Give it a meaningful name
    • Enter urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob as the redirect url
    • You can leave Javascript origins and the Permissions checkboxes blank
  • Run plextraktsync login, the script will ask for missing credentials

    Note To setup the credentials in the Docker Container, refer to the Run the Docker Container section

  • At first run you will be asked to setup Trakt and Plex access.

    Follow the instructions, your credentials and API keys will be stored in .envand .pytrakt.json files. Plex URL and token is stored in servers.yml.

    If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on Plex, input the code when prompted. If you don't have 2FA enabled, just leave the prompt blank and press Enter.

  • Cronjobs can be optionally used on Linux or macOS to run the script at set intervals.

    For example, to run this script in a cronjob every two hours:

    $ crontab -e
    0 */2 * * * $HOME/.local/bin/plextraktsync sync
    • Note the command in the example above may not immediately work. Use the which plextraktsync command to locate your system's plextraktsync executable file and update it accordingly.
  • Instead of cron, a docker scheduler like Ofelia can also be used to run the script at set intervals.

A docker-compose example with a 6h interval:

version: '2'
    image: mcuadros/ofelia:latest
    container_name: scheduler
      - plextraktsync
    command: daemon --docker
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro
      ofelia.job-run.plextraktsync.schedule: "@every 6h"
      ofelia.job-run.plextraktsync.container: "plextraktsync"
    container_name: plextraktsync
    command: sync
      - ./config:/app/config

Sync settings

To disable parts of the functionality of this software, look no further than config.yml. At first run, the script will create config.yml based on config.default.yml. If you want to customize settings before first run (eg. you don't want full sync) you can copy and edit config.yml before launching the script. Here, in the sync section, you can disable the following things by setting them from true to false in a text editor:

  • Downloading liked lists from Trakt and adding them to Plex
  • Syncing the watchlists between Plex and Trakt
  • Syncing the watched status between Plex and Trakt
  • Syncing the collected status between Plex and Trakt

The first execution of the script will (depending on your PMS library size) take a long time. After that, movie details and Trakt lists are cached, so it should run a lot quicker the second time. This does mean, however, that Trakt lists are not updated dynamically (which is fine for lists like "2018 Academy Award Nominees" but might not be ideal for lists that are updated often). Here are the execution times on my Plex server: First run - 1228 seconds, second run - 111 seconds

You can view sync progress in the plextraktsync.log file which will be created.


The logging level by default is INFO. This can be changed to DEBUG by editing the "debug" variable in config.yml to true.

By default the logs will append, if you wish to maintain the log of only your last run then edit the "append" variable in config.yml to false.


Run plextraktsync --help to see available commands. Run plextraktsync COMMAND --help to see help for COMMAND.

$ plextraktsync --help
Usage: plextraktsync [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Plex-Trakt-Sync is a two-way-sync between and Plex Media Server

  --version              Print version and exit
  --no-cache             Disable cache in for Trakt HTTP requests
  --no-progressbar       Disable progressbar
  --batch-delay INTEGER  Time in seconds between each collection batch submit
                         to Trakt  [default: 5]
  --server TEXT          Plex Server name from servers.yml
  --help                 Show this message and exit.

  bug-report         Create a pre-populated GitHub issue with information...
  cache              Manage and analyze Requests Cache.
  clear-collections  Clear Movies and Shows collections in Trakt
  config             Print user config for debugging and bug reports.
  download           Downloads movie or subtitles to a local directory
  imdb-import        Import IMDB ratings from CSV file.
  info               Print application and environment version info
  inspect            Inspect details of an object
  login              Log in to Plex and Trakt if needed
  plex-login         Log in to Plex Account to obtain Access Token.
  self-update        Update PlexTraktSync to the latest version using pipx
  sync               Perform sync between Plex and Trakt
  trakt-login        Log in to Trakt Account to obtain Access Token.
  tui                Open Textual TUI.
  unmatched          List media that has no match in Trakt or Plex
  watch              Listen to events from Plex
  watched-shows      Print a table of watched shows

You can contribute yourself missing documentation.


The sync subcommand supports --sync=shows and --sync=movies options, so you can sync only specific library types. Or only watchlist: --sync=watchlist.

 plextraktsync sync --help
Usage: plextraktsync sync [OPTIONS]

  Perform sync between Plex and Trakt

  --sync [all|movies|shows|watchlist]
                                  Specify what to sync  [default: all]
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


You can use unmatched command to scan your library and display unmatched movies.

Support for unmatched shows is not yet implemented.

plextraktsync unmatched

Info command

The info command can be used to print package versions, account information, locations of Cache, Config and Logs directories

$ plextraktsync info
PlexTraktSync Version: 0.16.0
Python Version: 3.10.0 (default, Oct  6 2021, 01:11:32) [Clang 13.0.0 (clang-1300.0.29.3)]
Plex API Version: 4.7.2
Trakt API Version: 3.2.1
Cache Dir: /Users/glen/Library/Caches/PlexTraktSync
Config Dir: /Users/glen/Library/Application Support/PlexTraktSync
Log Dir: /Users/glen/Library/Logs/PlexTraktSync
Plex username: nobody
Trakt username: nobody
Plex Server version:, updated at: 2021-02-21 17:00:00
Server has 2 libraries: ['Movies', 'TV Shows']


You can use the watch command to listen to events from Plex Media Server and scrobble plays. It does NOT run a sync between Plex and Trakt.

What is scrobbling?

Scrobbling simply means automatically tracking what youre watching. Instead of checking in from your phone of the website, this command runs in the background and automatically scrobbles back to Trakt while you enjoy watching your media - Plex [email protected]

To restrict scrobbling to your user only (recommended), set the following in your config.yml:

  username_filter: true

To run watch command:

plextraktsync watch


docker-compose run --rm plextraktsync watch

or add command: watch to docker compose file, and docker-compose up -d plextraktsync to start the container detached:

version: '2'
      - ./config:/app/config
    command: watch

Systemd setup

Create a systemd unit so that it scrobbles automatically in the background:

Description=PlexTraktSync watch daemon

ExecStart=plextraktsync watch


Note, depending on your install method you may need to set your ExecStart command as follows:

ExecStart=/path/to/plextraktsync/ watch

Following that you will need to enable the service:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start PlexTraktSync.service
sudo systemctl enable PlexTraktSync.service

Good practices


I have duplicate watched episodes sent to Trakt at every sync

Check your Plex episodes ordering compared to Trakt ordering. If episodes are in a different order, it should not be a problem because they are identified with ids. But if a season or an episode is missing on Trakt (and tmdb) it can't be synced. You can fix it by adding the missing episodes or edit metadata (eg. missing tvdb or imdb ids) on tmdb or report a metadata issue on Trakt (answers). It's free for anyone to sign up and edit info at tmdb. Trakt will update from tmdb data.

I have many matching errors in logs

Make sure you use good practices about Plex agent and files organization as stated above. Check if episodes are not missing on Trakt as explained in previous answer, and check if external ids are populated on tmdb.

I have season 0 matching errors

Season 0 folder must only contain episodes belonging to season 0, also named specials. Trailers, deleted scenes, featurettes, interviews,... must be stored in a separate Extra folder (not in season 0) according to Plex rules. Keep in mind that seasons 0 aren't really official so datasources (tmdb, imdb and tvdb) sometimes don't correspond. Check season 0 of shows on to identify those special episodes. Use tmdb as Plex source as much as you can.

How to sync multiple users ?

The easiest way is to use containers with custom config folder for each user: Multi-User docker-compose.

Can this run on Synology, HomeAssistant, Portainer,... ?

Yes using docker, check Discussions page.

I have another question

Check Discussions, maybe someone already asked and found the answer.

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