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Simple discord bot to play music and manage your server
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3 years ago1February 07, 201817mitObjective-C
A powerful media play framework for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.
Discord Bot529
2 days ago4mitJavaScript
Simple discord bot to play music and manage your server
Switch Remote Play220
9 months ago16gpl-3.0C++
Let the switch remotely play PC games (similar to steam link or remote play)
Cast Localvideo137
9 years ago5gpl-2.0JavaScript
Plays Local videos at your computer on your Chromecast
8 years agomitPython
a tool based on ffmpeg that plays video in console!
Play Flv In Browser96
2 years ago5C++
Play FLV in Browser!
Music Discord Bot67
5 months ago5gpl-3.0Python
A music Discord bot with more than 30+ commands which allows to play music on your server efficiently. Supports Youtube, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud links. Skips intros and blanks in the music with Sponsorblock.
7 years ago1C
the simplest audio player based on FFmpeg
Youtube Play49
a year ago1mitC#
:musical_note: A command-line utility which streams music from YouTube
5 years agoJavaScript
微信播放视频的测试源码: 由于微信使用X5浏览器,在使用video标签播放视频的时候出现各种奇葩问题。本源码是在解决这个问题的过程中所做的尝试性源码。 里面囊括了各种测试用例: 使用canvas播放视频, 使用图片播放视频, 使用x5标签等。 这个可用留存的源码库,有兴趣的同学可以自己下载。
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Discord Music bot

A simple discord bot that helps you manage your server by providing useful commands like playing music or deleting text messages.

You can find the tutorial about building a discord music bot here.

Table of content


Getting started

First, make sure you have all the required tools installed on your local machine then continue with these steps.


# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/TannerGabriel/discord-bot.git

# Enter into the directory
cd discord-bot/

# Install the dependencies
npm install

# Configure Discord Bot Token

Required permissions

Make sure that your bot has the applications.commands application scope enabled, which can be found under the OAuth2 tab on the developer portal

Enable the Server Members Intent and Message Content Intent which can be found under the Bot tab on the developer portal


After cloning the project and installing all dependencies, you need to add your Discord API token in the .env file.

Changing the status

You can change the status of your discord bot by editing the activity and activityType variables inside of the config.json file. activityType needs to be set to an integer with the following options.

Starting the application

node index.js

Starting the application using Docker

# Build the image
docker build --tag discordbot .

# Run the image
docker run -d discordbot

Deploying commands

Before you can use the bots slash command you first need to add them to your Discord server. You can use the !deploy command to do so.

After deploying the commands you should be able to see and access them by typing a slash:


A mutliarch docker image for amd64 and arm64 based on the main branch is available from Github Container Registry:

docker pull ghcr.io/TannerGabriel/discord-bot:latest

A Github Action automatically builds and push amd64 and arm64 to ghcr.io, all builds are based on the main branch.

Only :latest tag is supported, otherwise use SHA256 from https://github.com/TannerGabriel/discord-bot/pkgs/container/discord-bot for pinning to a specific commit.

Features & Commands

Note: The repository now uses the new Discord slash commands


▶️ Play music from YouTube via url or search by song name, added to the bottom of the queue.


▶️ Play music via url or using song name, this places it next at the top of the queue (position 1).

/playtop YOUTUBE_URL
/playtop SONG_NAME


⏸️ Pause music



▶️ Resume playing paused music


Now Playing

🎶 Display current playing song



🗒️ Display the current queue



🔀 Shuffle the current queue



🔁 Loop/Repeat controls. Off, Track and Queue

/loop MODE


⏭️ Skip the current playing song and play the next in queue



⏏ Remove song from the queue

/remove POSITION


↕ Move song position. This shifts all other songs up or down one, depending on direction you move the target song.



↔️ Swap two songs current positions with each other



🔇 Stop playing (disconnects bot from voice channel)



🔊 Adjust the music bot volume between 0-200

/volume NUMBER


❓ Display commands



  • Get information about a user (/userinfo USER)


  • Ban a player (/ban USER)


  • Delete the latest chat messages (/purge NUM_OF_MESSAGES)

Common errors

Here is a list of common errors and how you can fix them.

Dependencies aren't up to date

The packages used in this repository get updated often, especially the ytdl-core package. That is why it is always worth a try updating those if you get an error like invalid URL: undefined or when the bot crashes when running the play command.

npm install [email protected]

FFMPEG is not installed on the machine running the bot

The play command requires FFMPEG to be installed on the machine that is running the bot. You can download it on the official FFMPEG website. Note: This isn't relevant if you use the Dockerfile because it will install FFMPEG inside of the container.


You are welcome to contribute by submitting a Pull Request to the repository.


Gabriel Tanner

Support me

Buy Me A Coffee


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details

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