Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


I use this to quickly configure a GNU/Linux system with the software I generally use and the configuration I like.

The setup currently understands laptop (desktop) configuration and cloud VMs (Ubuntu 16.x).

main features:

  • XMonad tiling window manager
  • NVidia graphics drivers
  • Steam client
  • Dropbox
  • Google Cloud SDK
  • fish shell, mosh mobile shell, gyazo, synergy

cloud oriented:

If configured for cloud features, you also get:

  • Docker bootstrap
  • Salt master to control Windows minions on EC2
  • Discourse docker image


Additional formulas, my own or third parties, which can be used in your own salt setups:

getting started:

If you can use cloud-init (EC2 and some other providers), you can upload cloud-init/user-data.payload.gz when creating the VM (Advanced Details, User data in the Launch Instance Wizard).

Otherwise run the scripts in order from cloud-init/scripts once you have a shell (as root).

You will need to customize (or skip) 30_flavor, depending what you default username is and if you want to configure the cloud or desktop version.

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