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Started by @jesse_squires and curated by @BasThomas.


This newsletter was originally started by Jesse Squires, and hosted on his blog at After issue #4, this site was created to provide the newsletter with a proper, dedicated home. All previous issues were migrated, and it is now completely open for the community. Currently, Bas Broek is leading the project. Contributions are welcomed and encouraged!

Lovingly built with Jekyll, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font Awesome. Generously hosted by GitHub.


There are a number of contributing authors to the newsletter. If you'd like to join, open an issue to discuss!



You'll need bundler installed.

$ git clone
$ cd
$ bundle install

Building the site

$ bundle exec jekyll build

Previewing the site locally

$ bundle exec jekyll serve 
# Now browse to http://localhost:4000

Writing and previewing drafts

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --future --drafts --watch
# Now browse to http://localhost:4000


To contribute, please review our Contributing Guide.


Please read our Code of Conduct. Violations will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal or blocking from the organization.


This work is released under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license. See LICENSE.

All code is licensed under an MIT License.

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