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Steeltoe Sample Applications

This repository contains a variety of sample applications illustrating how to use the Steeltoe frameworks:

  • Configuration - samples using the Spring Cloud Config Server and other Steeltoe configuration providers.
  • Discovery - sampless using Steeltoe Service Discovery microservices-based application.
  • Management - samples using the Steeltoe Management packages for adding Management REST endpoints to your application as well as adding Distributed Tracing support.
  • Connectors - samples using the Steeltoe Connectors for connecting to backing services. Steeltoe Connectors simplify the coding process of binding to and accessing Cloud Foundry based services.
  • CircuitBreaker - samples using the Steeltoe Circuit Breaker packages for building scalable and resilient microservices-based application.
  • Security - samples using the Steeltoe Security packages for Authentication and Authorization with Cloud Foundry auth services, using a Redis cache for DataProtection KeyRing storage and for interacting with CredHub.
  • MusicStore - a sample that uses all of the Steeltoe components together in a microservices-based ASP.NET Core application. Adapted from the ASP.NET Core reference app: MusicStore by Microsoft.
  • FreddysBBQ - a polyglot (Java and .NET) microservices-based sample demonstrating interoperability between Java and .NET on CloudFoundry, secured with OAuth2 Security Services and using Spring Cloud Services.


All new development is done on the dev branch. More stable versions of the samples can be found on the master branch.


If you are looking for documentation on how to use the Steeltoe components, you can find that here.

Building & Running

See the Readmes for each sample for instructions on how to build and run.

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