Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Description First of all I want to appriciate Databomb's hard work with his really cool plugins! Thanks for Bara and shanapu for advices and tips. This is a ReWrite of SM_Hosties This is a Useful Jailbreak mod in many ways. The Feature list can be found here Credits Original plugin, SM_Hosties Original author, Databomb Hungarian Translation, tbence99 French Translation, Yvano Russian Translation, September Romanian Translation, sNok3 Special thanks for tons of bugs: Kubad, tbence99, Yvano, Cripix CVAR and Command list Available commands !rules !lastrequest (also: !lr) !checkplayers !stoplr (also: !abortlr and !cancellr)

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Csgo (1,303
Sourcepawn (1,252
Sourcemod (707
Jailbreak (677
Counter Strike Global Offensive (187
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