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Starter React Flux

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Starter-React-Flux generates a well-configured project of React and Flux PWA.

Quick start

mkdir my-app && cd my-app

npx starter-react-flux init // JavaScript and npm
npx starter-react-flux init --ts // TypeScript
npx starter-react-flux init --yarn // yarn

npm start

Installed packages

Usage of generated project

Launch the application

npm start                     // Launch the app with webpack-dev-server.

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Production build with Webpack

npm run build                 // Build the app into the ./public directory.

This command also analyzes the bundle file using Webpack Bundle Analyzer and generates reports.

Testing with Jest

npm test                      // Testing with Jest.
npm run update_test           // Update snapshots for snapshot testing.

Static analysis with ESLint

npm run lint                  // Run static analysis by ESLint.

Automatic code format with Prettier

npm run fix                   // Run Prettier to fix code by lint rules.

Directory structure of the generated app

├── .babelrc          //Configuration for Babel
├── .eslintrc         //Configuration for ESLint
├── __tests__         //Test files for JEST
├── app
│   ├── App.(js|tsx)  //Entry point to build
│   ├── actions       //Action Creators of Flux
│   ├── components    //React Components
│   ├── constants     //Constatns for Action Creators and Stores of Flux
│   ├── dispatcher    //Dispatcher of Flux
│   ├── stores        //ReduceStore of Flux
│   ├── utils         //Utils
│   ├── html          //HTML template for PWA
│   ├── icon          //Icon source for PWA
│   ├── sw.js         //ServiceWorker template for PWA
│   └── utils         //Utils
├── node_modules
├── package.json
├── public            //`npm run build` command generates the assets
│   ├── css           //CSS files
│   ├── img           //Image files
│   ├── favicon.ico   //Favicon
│   ├── bundle.js     //Built js by Webpack
│   ├── manifest.*.json  //Generated Web App Manifest
│   ├── precache-manifest.*.js //Generated Precache Manifest for Workbox
│   ├── icon_*.png    //Generated icons from the source icon
│   ├── sw.js         //Generated ServiceWorker from the template
│   └── index.html    //Generated index.html from the template
├── analysis          //Reports of bundle analysis
│   ├── bundle-analyzer.html
│   └── bundle-size analyzer.log
│── webpack.common.js //Configuration for Webpack
│──   //Production configuration for Webpack
│──    //Development configuration for Webpack
└── tsconfig.json     //TypeScript configuration (only for TypeScript project)


  • MIT License
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