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XToolkit.WhiteLabel is a modular, cross-platform MVVM framework from "lego" components for fast create powerful cross-platform mobile applications with Xamarin.


This library is actively developed alongside production apps, and the API will evolve as we continue our way to version 2.0.

Please be fully prepared to deal with breaking changes.

Component NuGet
Common Softeq.XToolkit.Common
Bindings Softeq.XToolkit.Bindings
Permissions Softeq.XToolkit.Permissions
PushNotifications Softeq.XToolkit.PushNotifications
WhiteLabel Softeq.XToolkit.WhiteLabel
WhiteLabel.Essentials Softeq.XToolkit.WhiteLabel.Essentials
WhiteLabel.Forms Softeq.XToolkit.WhiteLabel.Forms
Remote Softeq.XToolkit.Remote



As an open source project, we're excited to accept contributions to the code from outside of Softeq and are striving to make that as easy and clean as possible.


The XToolkit.WhiteLabel project is available for free use, as described by the LICENSE (MIT).

  • Some bits of MvvmLight are redistributed and modified under MIT License
  • Tiny bits of MvvmCross are redistributed and modified under MIT License
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