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Test files supporting SheetJS projects

Instead of polluting those repos with large binary files, they are stored here.

All files contained in root directory are covered under the Apache 2.0 license. The Makefile can pull files from other projects, which are covered under separate licenses (see below).

The files in the 201* / biff* subdirectories are derivative outputs generated using the specified version of Microsoft Excel. Each derivative file of an external file is clearly marked with a prefix associated with the source (followed by an underscore), and original files do not have any of the source prefixes. Each derivative file is released under the same terms as the original file (and all derivatives of original files are released under the Apache 2.0 License).

Excel 2016 for Mac Automation

In previous versions of Excel for Mac, the app could write to any user-writable directory. In 2016, the output fiile must be contained in the quarantine ~/Library/Containers/ As a result, the AppleScript has been changed to write to the aforementioned directory and the accompanying shell script copies from the quarantine.


formula_stress_test uses every single function available in Excel 2011 in some formula. It includes a pivot table as well as array formulae, inline arrays, errors, booleans, and other cell types and formula elements.

comments_stress_test tests various types of comments and functions. The XLS version uses VBA to extract comments.

number_format tests every implied format from ECMA-376 as well as every format available within the Excel 2011 UI. Ultimately there will be international versions to test certain features (some require an east-Asian version -- if you are reading this and can generate test files, please contribute!)

number_format_entities tests number formats with XML entities. There are known issues with Google Sheets exporting tricky formats (Excel refuses to open these files).

number_format_* tests the number_format files in various locales (the original files were opened in Excel 2013 with the given locale and saved). In Excel 2013, only the BIFF5 workbooks are written with the specific codepages. For example, number_format_estonian uses code page 1257.

large_strings tests large strings and a large shared string table. Larger strings are programmatically generated using CONCATENATE while the shared string table was pulled from

RkNumber tests all styles of RkNumber records. Records were verified by hand.

merge_cells tests vertical, horizontal, and rectangular merged cells.

LONumbers tests LO number format deviations from Excel. The LONumbers.xls* files are directly from LibreOffice These files were opened in Excel, "repaired", and saved as LONumbers-EXCELVERSION.xls*.

rich_text_stress tests various types of rich text, applying formatting to the entire cell as well as parts of the cell.

named_ranges tests named ranges (including valid and invalid expressions).

custom_properties tests custom properties

xlsx-stream-d-date-cell tests the ECMA-376 d date type

pivot_table_test tests different types of pivot tables

pivot_table_named_range tests pivot tables with named ranges

AutoFilter tests different uses of AutoFilter

BlankSheetTypes tests different types of blank sheets

ErrorTypes tests different types of errors

NumberFormatCondition tests different conditions in number formats

protect_stress_test_xml tests the different sheet protection modes

calendar_stress_test tests the different calendars (B1/B2) and years (b/e/y). Due to size and format constraints, XLSB contains the full record while the other formats are truncated to 65536 rows.

hyperlink_stress_test_2011 tests different types of external hyperlinks

internal_link tests different types of internal hyperlinks

hyperlink_no_rels tests a non-relationship hyperlink (h/t @keemy)

text_and_numbers considers text and numbers (generated from a Hebrew version of Excel h/t @elad).

cell_style_simple tests simple cell styles

formulae_test_simple tests simple shared and array formulae

password_* tests different password modes in different versions. Name format: password_<ExcelVersion>_<Bits>_<Desc>.

sushi tests the sushi character U+1F363 (h/t @uzulla for identifying issue)

defined_names_simple tests sheet-level and workbook-level defined names

smart_tags_2007 tests some basic smart tag functionality (from Excel 2007)

A4X_* tests Dimensions in various XLS writers. Initially created for gnumeric bug 733771:

numfmt_* tests various number formatting features (h/t @sysarchitect et al)

write represents the original array of arrays writing example, as well as output in various plaintext formats as generated by Excel 2011.

phonetic_text uses phonetic text (h/t @tgfjt,

row_height includes rows of varying heights.

column_width includes columns of varying widths.

sized_boxen combines row heights and column widths.

sheet_visibility demonstrates visible + hidden + very hidden sheets.

page_margins_2016 uses standard and custom page margins (from Excel 2016)

outline tests the various row and column outline levels (from Excel 2013)

author_snowman demonstrates a unicode snowman (U+2603) author.

wtf_path uses internal paths with wtf/ prefix rather than xl/.

defined_names_unicode uses unicode defined names (h/t @feuxfollets1013)

freeze tests different freeze panes configurations

Getting External Test Files

Note: releases from include all external test files. These are made available for systems where the build scripts do not run (including bare Windows installations).

All external test files are pulled using the Makefile and fall under separate licensing terms (as described below). None of the files directly contained in this repo are encumbered by external licenses. They are acquired by cloning:

  • Github repos are cloned using SVN access (just pulls the relevant directory)
  • Bitbucket repos are cloned using HG access

apachepoi pulls only the spreadsheet test battery from the Apache POI project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under Apache License, version 2.0:

xlrd pulls the test battery from xlrd project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under BSD License.

excel-reader-xlsx pulls the test battery from the excel-reader-xlsx project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under Perl Artistic License.

openpyxl pulls the test battery from the openpyxl project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the MIT License

spout pulls the test battery from the spout project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the Apache License, version 2.0

pyExcelerator pulls the test battery from the pyExcelerator project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the BSD 4-clause License

jxls-* pulls the test battery from the jxls project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the GNU Lesser GPL License

roo pulls the test battery from the roo project: At the time of this writing, the test files are covered under the MIT License

spreadsheet-parsexlsx pulls the test battery from the ParseXLSX project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the MIT (X11) License

oo34xml pulls the XML test battery from the OpenOffice project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under Apache License, version 2.0

libreoffice pulls the test files from the LibreOffice project: At the time of this writing, it is covered under the GNU Lesser GPL License v3 Note: due to flakiness with the original LibreOffice source code repository host (bug tracker, the tree is manually mirrored at

ootest pulls test files at Since the license terms are unclear, they are not pulled in the default targets. To pull these files, you must explicitly run make ootest.

phpexcel_bad_cfb_dir.xls exhibits broken CFB structure.

Requests for Removal

This repo includes derivatives of files from external sources. According to the respective license terms, the authors of the external sources allege that the artifacts are indeed covered under the same terms. This project uses files according to those terms.

External sources are expected to ensure that they are not violating license terms. However, from time to time, they may add test files from contributors that did not create the files or obtain permission. We are not actively monitoring discussions pertaining to removal requests from other sources, but if you find your content and would like to see it removed, we will investigate.

To submit a request, first reach out to the original source and give some time for them to respond. If they remove the content, file an issue in this repo's issue tracker and email [email protected] (subject "removal request"). In the email, forward the original communications and link to the issue in the original project issue tracker. Unless the original project recognizes that the content is yours (admitting that the content cannot be released according to their license terms), no action will be taken.

If you have reached out to the original source and have not received a reply in 30 days, raise an issue in this repo tracker and send an email with subject "external license violation", forwarding proof of initial attempt to contact. We will reach out to the external source. If we do not receive a reply in 30 days, the content will be removed in future commits.


All files contained in this repository are licensed under the Apache 2 License. Files external to this repo (acquired via make) are licensed under separate terms (as indicated in the External Test Files section)


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