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ZKEACMS Build With .Net 5

ZKEACMS is a visual design, WYSIWYG Content Management System.

Page Design

Page Design

Add Content To Page

Add Content

Get Started

Demo Site

Try it on our demo site:

Create Page

Multi-tenant demo


Change the culture code to en-US to use english in appsettings.json

"Culture": {
  "Code": "en-US"

Publish / Release

Use Publish.cmd or to publish the project. You can also use the command line below to publish:

$ dotnet tool install -g ZKEACMS.Publisher
$ ./src/ZKEACMS.WebHost/publish-zkeacms

Publish width runtime

$ ./src/ZKEACMS.WebHost/publish-zkeacms -r win-x64

Run on Docker

$ docker run -d -p 5000:80 zkeasoft/zkeacms:ent


  • .Net SDK 5
  • Microsoft Sql Server 2012+ / MySql 5.6+ / SQLite 3
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 / Visual Studio Code

Responsive Design

ZKEACMS is featuring a modern responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and devices. From the PC, laptop, TV, tablet to the phone page will automatically adapt to adapt.

Layout Design

Layout Design

Layout is used to make a page of the zone, the user can drag the "row", "column" to design layout. The layout uses the Bootstrap3 Grid system.



A widget is a HTML Components. Add different widget to build your page. Multiple widgets can be added to the same zone, and can be sorted by drag and drop.


Using LESS to create a theme, by modifying the variables, you can easily create a theme.

The theme is base on Boorstrap.



Enterprise Edition

The following videos can help you to know the Enterprise Edition:

Official Website




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For commercial, keep your source code private/proprietary by purchasing a Commercial License/Enterprise Edition.


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