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This repo is the part of the article series: Android App Architectures in Kotlin

These are the simple examples showing the implementation of few popular architecture patterns using Kotlin.

Note: This repository has multiple individual apps. So, you need to open each app separately in Android Studio. If you try to open the whole repository in Android Studio it will not compile. Please open each example separately in Android Studio.


Model-View-Presenter (MVP) in Kotlin

News-Kotlin-MVP - Simple News app developed in Kotlin using MVP architecture.

Check out the article for the complete explanation: Android App Architectures: Example of MVP with Kotlin

Architecture Components in Kotlin

Architecture-Components-Kotlin-Basic - Simple News app developed in Kotlin using Android Architecture Components.

Basic example app is ready. Stay tuned, for introduction article...

Architecture Components in Kotlin with advancements (recommendations)

Stay tuned, work in progress...

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Copyright © 2018 Rohit Sahebrao Surwase. This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 - see the file for details

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