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Date time picker that falls back to native HTML5 components on mobile


  • No jQuery or other external dependencies.
  • 3 seperate components for Date Time, Date, and Time picker
  • When being used on a mobile or touch devices it falls back to html5 inputs of date, datetime-local, and time

npm npm

Live Demo


import { DateTimePickerModule} from 'ngx-datetime-picker';

  imports: [

<ngx-date-picker [(selectedDate)]="dateExample"></ngx-date-picker>

<ngx-time-picker [(selectedTime)]="timeExample"></ngx-time-picker>

Additional options for each picker: [disableButton]="false" (default)
[disableInput]="false" (default) [disablePicker]="false" (default)
[doNotCloseOnDateSet]="false" (default) Additional options for ngx-date-picker
and ngx-datetime-picker: [min]="null" (default) [max]="null" (default)
Additional options for ngx-time-picker and ngx-datetime-picker:
[use24HourClock]="false" (default)


Copy the ngx-datetime-picker css to your project.

If you are using angular-cli the css can be added to your angular-cli.json

"styles": [

Sass files avaliable for quick customization. Override the defaults, compile, and include them in your project.


Work flow

  • Clone repository to your machine.

  • Run npm run setup to prepare the project

  • Live edit mode with npm run serve.

  • Run tests with watcher with npm run test.

  • Run tests without a watcher with npm run test.once.

  • Prepare for distrabution with npm run dist (note you man need to also run tsc index.ts if you have updated the exported values.)

  • Test a demo project using the exported ngModule with npm run demo

  • Sass files are compiled locally using Koala.

  • Set Koala to watch date.component.scss and compile it to ngx-datetimepicker > src > assets as ngx-datetime-picker.css.

  • Optionally you can use to publish the demo install to github pages. by first running npm run demo, then by going into your demo directory with cd demo and from there you can copy and past the two commands to publish to github pages.

    ng build --prod --aot --base-href ""


    ngh --repo=

    note this will publish to the gh-pages branch and you wil need to authenicate again


  • angular-cli 1.0.0-beta.28.3 or higher
  • node 6.9.0 or higher


JoshDSommer BrentWMiller SFarageNIS Marco Mantovani Jojie Palahang Sam Graber alecrem jrquick17
Josh Sommer Brent Miller Steven Farage Marco Mantovani Jojie Palahang Sam Graber Alejandro Cremades Jeremy Quick

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