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🗺️ Geo Data Analytics tool for VSCode with to gen. some snazzy 🗺️s w/0 Py 🐍 || pyWidgets ⚙️ || pandas 🐼 || @reactjs ⚛️ required ...

Geo Data Viewer

Geo Data Viewer Ultri Wide



  • Run Geo: View Map (ctrl/cmd + alt + m) command on an open geo data document to view 🗺️
  • Use Geo: View Map from Url (ctrl/cmd + alt + u) command to load a map from demo app, github or gist
  • Run Geo: Map Gallery (ctrl/cmd + alt + g) command to view a list of built-in public keplergl map configs 🗺️

Geo Data Viewer Gist

Supported File Formats

See file formats documentation for the supported geo data files in addition to the geo data formats this extension provides for map 🗺️ views: TopoJSON, JSON, KML, GPX, FlatGeobuf, shapefiles, IGC, WKT

Map Gallery

Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ comes with a built-in map gallery for devs to try maps 🗺️ found in the wild 🌐:

Geo Data Viewer Map Gallery Quick Pick List

Note: if you'd like to see your public map config featured in our maps gallery, please send us a PR with links to your maps 🗺️ data & config github repo || gist in the /data/ map list.


Install Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ via vscode Extensions tab (Ctrl+Shift+X) by searching for keplerGL|| via VSCode marketplace search results. It's the only 1 out there! ;)

List of the Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ commands, keyboard shortcuts, augmented vscode UI context menus, added geo data Language mappings and supported geo data files:

Geo Data Viewer Contributions


Create User or Workspace Settings in vscode to change default Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ extension Settings:

Setting Type Default Value Description string dark Map View 🗺️ Controls UI Theme: dark or light string dark Default Map Style: dark, light, muted (light), muted_night, satellite, dark_streets, light_streets, outdoors boolean true Creates .geojson data file on disk for topojson, kml, gpx, fgb and shp map views

Geo Data Viewer Settings

Recommended Extensions

Other extensions Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ replaces, enhances or supplements for working with geo data formats in VSCode:

Extension Description
Data Preivew 🈸 Data Preview 🈸 extension for importing 📤 viewing ğŸ”Ž slicing 🔪 dicing ğŸŽ² charting 📊 & exporting 📥 large JSON array/config, YAML, Apache Arrow, Avro & Excel data files
GistPad 📘 VS Code extension for managing and sharing code snippets, notes and interactive samples using GitHub Gists
VSCode Map Preview VSCode extension for visually previewing geospatial file content (GeoJSON, KML, etc) on a map
Geo Tools Geo Tools VSCode extension allows you to easily interact with geographical data
Hex Editor Allows Hex Editing inside VS Code

Dev Log

See #GeoDataViewer 🗺️ tag on Twitter for the latest & greatest updates on this vscode extension & what's in store next.

Dev Build

$ git clone
$ cd geo-data-viewer
$ npm install
$ code .

F5 to launch Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ extension VSCode debug session.


Any & all test, code || feedback contributions are welcome.

Open an issue || create a pull request to make this Geo Data Viewer 🗺️ vscode extension work better for all. 🤗

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