Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Simple solution for deploying your static pages to S3 with every commit to master.

  1. Login to your AWS Account
  2. Go to Mobile Services -> SNS -> Topics and "Create new topic", name it something like 'github-deploy'
  3. Copy ARN
  4. Go to your projects page on GitHub, go to Settings -> Webhooks -> Add Service SNS and fill all the necessary information
  5. Clone this project and run npm install, then npm run setup.
  6. Open .env file and fill necessary information, paste ANR and AWS secrets here, AWS_CONFIRMATION_SNS_TOPIC_ANR is optional
  7. Dry run it with npm run dry-run
  8. If everything's k, run npm run deploy
  9. In AWS Lambda panel, go to your function -> Event Sources and click "Add event source" to link your

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