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Ecommerce made with Next.js

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This project was made to show a full ecommerce plataform made with Next.js and Nextjs Serverless functions to build the backend, using Apollo Server and Apollo Client to GraphQL.

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The ecommerce project. Built with ❤︎ by Rafael Goulart and contributors

📌 Table of Contents

📥 Layout available at:

Direct Download

👀 Demo Website

The demo website can be missing some features, clone and run the project to a full experience.
👉 demo:

💻 Technologies

This project was made using the follow technologies:

🚀 Features

  • Authentication with Cookies Sessions.
  • Reset Password using email
  • List Products
  • Filter products by Category
  • Sort list of products
  • Live search
  • Add products to Wishlist
  • Add products to Cart
  • Checkout page
  • Payment with Paypal
  • Review Products

👷 How to run

You need to install Node.js and Yarn first, then:

Rename env file

Rename .env.local-exemple to .env.local

Install Dependencies

yarn install

Set up database

# Create DB using migrations
yarn knex:migrate

# Run seeds to populate database
yarn knex:seed 

Run Aplication

yarn dev 

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Open http://localhost:3000/api/graphql with your browser to run queries or to see docs of API.

🐛 Issues

Feel free to file a new issue with a respective title and description on the the Next.Js Ecommerce repository. If you already found a solution to your problem, i would love to review your pull request!

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🎉 Contributing

First of all, thank you for being interested in helping out, your time is always appreciated in every way. 💯

Here's some tips:

  • Check the issues page for already opened issues (or maybe even closed ones) that might already address your question/bug/feature request.
  • Feature requests are welcomed! Provide some details on why it would be helpful for you and others, explain how you're using bull-board and if possible even some screenshots if you are willing to mock something!

Check out the contributing page to see the best places to file issues, start discussions and begin contributing.

📕 License

Released in 2020. This project is under the MIT license.

Made with love by RafaelGoulartB 🚀

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