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zendAPI 是什么?

zendAPI 是对 Zend Engine 的 C 接口使用 C++ 的最新标准 C++11 进行而面向对象的封装,从而屏蔽了底层 Zend Engine API 的接口复杂性,加快开发 PHP 扩展的效率。从而让 PHP 的扩展开发成为一种享受,不用在考虑不同 PHP 版本带来的差异性,让开发者专注于自身的业务逻辑。

What is zendAPI project

zendAPI is a project to wrapper the C API of Zend Engine into object oriented programming interface that implement with modern C++11 programming language. The zendAPI project provide php extension developer with a simple, rubust and OOP style API, so developer don't need learn the ugly and complex raw Zend Engine API, thereby let the php extension development become a simple and rapid task.

zendAPI 的使命

让 PHP 的扩展开发成为一种享受

The mission of zendAPI project

let PHP extension development become a kind of enjoyment!

为什么项目名叫做 zendAPI

考虑到项目本身就是对 PHP 语言引擎的开发接口的封装已经 PHP 的语言引擎叫做 Zend Engine,为了方便大家记住我便将项目命名为 zendAPI,官方网站使用

Why I named the project zendAPI

The main goal of the project is to wrap PHP's raw C API into C++ OOP API, because of the virtual machine of PHP language called Zend Engine and our project is an OOP API on Zend Engine, so I give the name zendAPI to this project, the official website is

zendAPI 的特性

  1. 完全面向对象,对 Zend Engine API 进行二次定义
  2. 使用现代的 C++11 语法进行开发,便于维护
  3. 最大化屏蔽 PHP 版本对扩展开发的影响,zendAPI 将对 Zend Engine API 不同版本带来的差异屏蔽掉
  4. 高覆盖的单元测试,保证代码质量
  5. 在封装的时候,尽最大能力保证性能
  6. 致力于项目库的二进制兼容


  1. regroup the raw PHP C API according OOP style
  2. using modern C++11 standard
  3. support all the versions above PHP 7.0
  4. well tested by runtime tests and unittests
  5. high performance
  6. efforts to provide binary compatible


为了减少研发精力,在决定开发 zendAPI 的时候,在设计思想上我们参考了国外的同类项目 PHPCPP,非常感谢这个团队将这么卓越的项目带给了 PHP 社区,我们在这里表示感谢,我们也将在 zendAPI 项目中对 PHPCPP 的引用加上版权声明,同时把我们发现的代码 bug 反馈到 PHPCPP。


time saving, when develop zendAPI project, I read the code of PHPCPP project, thanks for the team of this project, in some files I use some classes and functions from PHPCPP project and put the copyright header infomation in these files.


PHPCPP 的 github 地址是: 大家有兴趣可以去研究。


The Github reposition of PHPCPP: you can learn it if you like.


目前国内有一个跟 zendAPI 比较类似的项目,这个项目是 swoole 项目作者开发,值得推荐。 项目名字 PHP—X 项目的 github 地址是 大家有兴趣可以研究。

same kind of project in China

At the time of zendAPI developing, the author of PHP network library swoole give us a project named PHP-X, do the same job of zendAPI, here is it Github Repo address:


Contact me


here is my QQ and wechat QR Code, if you interested in zendAPI project, just scan the QR codes:



meanwhile,I wrote blog at:

China opensource community: Segmentfault's tech group:


360 无线电安全部 独角兽团队 (unicorn team)

Special thanks

360 unicornteam for support I develop zendAPI project.

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