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Welcome to Progress NativeScript UI

Progress NativeScript UI is a set of free* components that enable implementing rich-ui applications for iOS and Android by using NativeScript. Progress NativeScript UI is built on top of natively implemented components targeting iOS and Android.

NOTE: *Although the components are free, they are not open-source and their code is proprietry. Read the components' license for details.

Contributing to NativeScript UI

Issue Reports

Please take a minute to read our NativeScript Code of Conduct before proceeding with posting issues or discussing. The purpose of this guide is to make communication and cooperation within our forums a pleasure for you and the other members.

In order to provide a fast response and issue resolution to all submitted issues we require that all issue reports are done with our predefined "issue template" that is automatically populated in the issue submission form. Please fill that template and DO NOT DELETE IT, that information is necessary and helpful to us in order to provide you with a timely response. If the "issue template" information is not provided your issue may be closed immediately without a response.



Progress NativeScript UI is distributed via npm. You may download the package that contains the component that you want to use from the following locations:

Getting started

For more information on how to use Progress NativeScript UI, please visit the documentation pages here:

You can also take a look at the sample applications which are available on GitHub and contain simple scenarios covering most features of the components in Progress NativeScript UI:


Progress NativeScript UI is constantly improved and extended so we're looking for your feedback. We will be grateful if you share your thoughts regarding:

  • API of the components
  • Ease of use
  • Features/Missing features
  • Documentation quality
  • Examples
  • ...whatever comes to your mind

You can also submit issues in this repo. For general NativeScript questions and support, check out Stack Overflow or ask our experts in NativeScript community Slack channel. In Slack there is a dedicated #ui-for-nativescript channel where you can ask and comment specifically for the UI Components.

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