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Exchange DKIM Signer


Exchange DKIM Signer adds support to Microsoft Exchange Server for applying a DomainKeys Identified Mail signature to outgoing messages.

DKIM is an email authentication method that can help detect forged sender addresses in email, a technique often used in phishing and email spam. It's often used along with other email authentication methods such as SPF and DMARC.

Exchange DKIM Signer is 'clean' - it doesn't contain any advertising or send any telemetry. The configuration tool includes an online check (to GitHub) to see whether a new version is available, and has a download and install feature.


Exchange DKIM Signer is compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Exchange Server:

  • Exchange Server 2019 (RTM version and later)
  • Exchange Server 2016 (CU13 and later)
  • Exchange Server 2013 (CU23 and later)

If you require support for earlier versions of Exchange, use Exchange DKIM Signer 3.3.4.

Currently, Windows Server Core is not recommended when used with Exchange Server 2019 as Exchange DKIM Signer uses a GUI configuration tool.

DKIM Signing Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

The Agent signs outgoing emails from your Exchange server according to the DKIM specifications. It uses the DKIM signing implementation from the MimeKit project.

We recommend to set up SPF ( and DMARC ( too. Test your email configuration by using a service such as DKIM Test.


Full documentation is available in the Wiki.

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