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Prism Samples WPF

Samples that demonstrate how to use various Prism features with WPF. If you are just getting started with Prism, it is recommended that you start from the first sample, and work your way down the list sequentially (in order). Each sample builds on the previous sample's concept.

Topic Description
Bootstrapper and the Shell Create a basic bootstrapper and shell
Regions Create a region
Custom Region Adapter Create a custom region adapter for the StackPanel
View Discovery Automatically inject views with View Discovery
View Injection Manually add and remove views using View Injection
View Activation/Deactivation Manually activate and deactivate views
Modules with App.config Load modules using an App.config file
Modules with Code Load modules using code
Modules with Directory Load modules from a directory
Modules loaded manually Load modules manually using the IModuleManager
ViewModelLocator using the ViewModelLocator
ViewModelLocator - Change Convention Change the ViewModelLocator naming conventions
ViewModelLocator - Custom Registrations Manually register ViewModels for specific views
DelegateCommand Use DelegateCommand and DelegateCommand<T>
CompositeCommands Learn how to use CompositeCommands to invoke multiple commands as a single command
IActiveAware Commands Make your commands IActiveAware to invoke only the active command
Event Aggregator Using the IEventAggregator
Event Aggregator - Filter Events Filtering events when subscribing to events
RegionContext Pass data to nested regions using the RegionContext
Region Navigation See how to implement basic region navigation
Navigation Callback Get notifications when navigation has completed
Navigation Participation Learn about View and ViewModel navigation participation with INavigationAware
Navigate to existing Views Control view instances during navigation
Passing Parameters Pass parameters from View/ViewModel to another View/ViewModel
Confirm/cancel Navigation Use the IConfirmNavigationReqest interface to confirm or cancel navigation
Controlling View lifetime Automatically remove views from memory with IRegionMemberLifetime
Navigation Journal Learn how to use the Navigation Journal
Interactivity - NotificationRequest Learn how to show popups using an InteractionRequest
Interactivity - ConfirmationRequest Learn how to prompt a confirmation dialog using a ConfirmationRequest
Interactivity - Custom Content Learn how to use your own content for a dialog shown with InteractionRequest
Interactivity - Custom Request Create your own custom request to use with an InteractionRequest
Interactivity - InvokeCommandAction Invoke commands in response to any event

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