Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Colab Hacks Warning License: MIT

Simple Hacks for Google Colaboratory to boost your productivity and help you to perform daily tasks.

Here is a brief about them all:

Colab RDP    Open in Colab RDP Issues

Colab RDP is used to get Remote Connection to Google Colaboratory and use it with graphic user interface which can be used in many ways. It give you high end VM for maximum 12 hours which boost your productivity and you can perform heavy task without any worries.

Some Points:

  • Don't use username root
  • Enter Remote Desktop Headless code

Code Server    Open in Colab Code Issues

Code Server is used to launch VSCode on browser using Agro Tunnel in Google Colaboratory which gives you better coding experience and you can use it for write code. Making a script to configure VSCode makes it more productive.

Going to add more functionality soon

Torrent Downloader    Open in Colab Torrent Issues

Torrent Downloader is Colab based Torrent Downloader in which you doesn't need any torrent client only just a google account for downloading and storing downloaded torrents into google drive. It doesn't utilizes your internet for download and for any reason the download remains incomplete then you can resume it in other colab instance. Just Download from your drive if needed.

Some Points:

  • Requires Google Drive authentication
  • Have both ways adding torrent via torrent file or using magnet link

Note : You can download any file and store it at google drive using command wget <link> and move it to the /content/drive/My\ Drive/ location

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Warning: Not for Cryptocurrency Mining

Why are hardware resources such as T4 GPUs not available to me? The best available hardware is prioritized for users who use Colaboratory interactively rather than for long-running computations. Users who use Colaboratory for long-running computations may be temporarily restricted in the type of hardware made available to them, and/or the duration that the hardware can be used for. We encourage users with high computational needs to use Colaboratory’s UI with a local runtime. Please note that using Colaboratory for cryptocurrency mining is disallowed entirely, and may result in being banned from using Colab altogether.


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