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Getting the best of two p2p worlds
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4 years agoMay 23, 2021mitGo
Implementation of Chord DHT(Distributed Hash Table) paper
3 years agoGo
Blockchain demo based on golang 基于golang编写的区块链公链demo
Networking Stuff14
8 years agoC
3 years ago1July 16, 2019mitPython
blockchain imprementation by Python (kumacoin2.0 project)
Dat Offchain Ipfs9
4 years ago4JavaScript
Getting the best of two p2p worlds
Python Block Chain8
5 years ago1Python
python3によるblock chaineによる公文書などの改竄がないことの保証の例です
Erline Dht8
2 years agoErlang
Kademlia based Mainline DHT implementation
7 years agomitPython
Download subtitles using SPlayer API
Decentralized P2p File Sharing System4
7 years agoJava
A Decentralized file sharing system using distributed hash table (DHT) and file replication
3 years ago1Java
A DHT implementation using Chord-like logic and Java RMI
Alternatives To Dat Offchain Ipfs
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(working title)

For when neither dat nor ipfs really suits your needs.

Situations where this module can be useful:

  • You want to use dat but don't want/need the inherent revision history of it.
  • You want to use ipfs but need dynamic content and don't want to wait for ipns/iprs to be bug-free/implemented.


What the module does it that when you call host/update, it adds your dir to ipfs, and then publishes the hash of that dir to dat. Other people can then download that dir by getting the ipfs hash from the dat archive. Only publishing small hashes to dat keeps the archive size very small, even after many edits to the dir contents.

Trying it out

In one terminal/on one computer, create a dir test-content/ with some files in it. Run node examples/host.js

Take the dat link that host.js prints to another terminal/computer and run node examples/seed.js <the dat link>


The api is still a work in progress, but you can look in the examples/ dir, that code should mostly work.

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