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PHP Library for Feather.

For more information on Feather itself, please refer to their README.


Install php-feather using Composer.

composer require pixelrobin/php-feather



Icons are retrieved from an IconManager.

$icons = new \Feather\IconManager();

<!-- Display the 'anchor' icon -->
<?php echo $icons->getIcon('anchor'); ?>

<!-- Get creative! -->
<button class="icon-button">
    Learn More <?= $icons->getIcon('arrow-right'); ?>

Feather\IconManager::getIcon() returns an Icon object. To render the icon html itself, either cast the Icon as a string or call its render() function.

$icons->getIcon('anchor'); // Returns an Icon object
$html = $icons->getIcon('anchor')->render(); // Returns the icon's html
echo $icons->getIcon('anchor'); // Outputs the icon's html, since it is cast as a string


Attributes can be modified on both the IconManager and on Icon objects. Attributes can be modified directly using the setAttribute(s) functions or by using the helper functions.

Attribute changes on the IconManager will affect all Icon objects created by the IconManager. Changes on Icon objects will only affect the individual icons.

// Use on the IconManager instance to set default attributes for all icons
$icons->setAttributes(['stroke' => '#fff', 'stroke-width' => 2]);
$icons->setAttribute('stroke', '#fff');


// Or use on a single icon to only affect that one
echo $icons->getIcon('alert-triangle')->setColor('red')->setAttribute('data-alert', 'true');


When getting an Icon, alt text can be passed as an argument or can be set on the Icon at a later time.

$icons->getIcon('anchor', [], 'Icon of an anchor');

$icon->setAltText('Icon of an anchor');


Aliases can be set to make larger changes across a theme easier, such as replacing the actual icon used for a specific use case. For example, what if for the close button icon, you wanted to switch from using the x icon to x-circle. Instead of having the icon name hardcoded, you could use an alias for the use case and update the value in one place. Aliases are set on the IconManager.

$icons->addAlias('close-button', 'x');


Feel free to open up issues and PRs for suggestions.


Licensed under the MIT License.

The icons in this code are from Feather. It is also licensed under the MIT License.

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