The Python iSJTU client for Humans.
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4 months ago8December 21, 20201gpl-3.0HTML
The Python iSJTU client for Humans.
8 months agomitPython
Exports the ONNX file to a JSON file and JSON dict.
25 days agomitPython
Converts a JSON file to an ONNX file.
Sed4onnx519 months ago2May 25, 2022mitPython
Simple ONNX constant encoder/decoder. Since the constant values in the JSON files generated by onnx2json are Base64-encoded values, ASCII <-> Base64 conversion is required when rewriting JSON constant values.
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PySJTU - The Python iSJTU client for Humans.

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>>> import pysjtu
>>> c = pysjtu.create_client(username="FeiLin", password="WHISPERS")
>>> chemistry = c.schedule(year=2019, term=0).filter("大学化学")
>>> chemistry[0].teacher_name
>>> calculus_exam = c.exam(year=2019, term=0).filter(course_id="MA248")
>>> calculus_exam[0].date, 11, 6)

And, to persist your session...

>>> import pysjtu
>>> session = pysjtu.Session()
>>> session.login("FeiLin", "WHISPERS")
>>> session.dump("lin_fei.session")

>>> session = pysjtu.Session()
>>> session.load("lin_fei.session")
>>> pysjtu.Client(session).student_id


PySJTU allows you to manipulate iSJTU APIs easily.

You don't need to construct queries on your own, or guessing the meaning of poorly named variables (to name a few, kch_id, rwzxs) any more. Now course.hour_total is enough!

Main features of PySJTU:

  • A friendly API with understandable attribute names.
  • Easy session persistence.
  • Robust captcha recognition using ResNet.
  • 80% iSJTU APIs covered. (Course selection APIs included.)
  • Fully type annotated.
  • 99% test coverage.


Install with pip:

$ pip install pysjtu[ocr]

PySJTU requires Python 3.8+.

Built With

  • HTTPX - A next generation HTTP client for Python.
  • marshmallow - An ORM/ODM/framework-agnostic library for converting complex datatypes, such as objects, to and from native Python datatypes.
  • ONNX Runtime - A performance-focused complete scoring engine for Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) models.
  • NumPy - The fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.
  • Pillow - The friendly PIL fork.


This project is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.


Built with love by LightQuantum

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