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Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod

Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod (PSWG) for Minecraft+Fabric

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In 2015, Parzi's Star Wars Mod was launched as a cooperative effort to bring together my favorite cinematic and digital worlds. Working alongside the community, we brought to life some of the most in-depth and complex systems ever implemented in a Minecraft mod, and supported over a million players worldwide.

Today, I'm working again to create the next generation of mods which push the limit of the immersion possible within Minecraft, essentially using it as a game engine. This starts with Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod, which is slated to have dozens of planets, locations, and landmarks to explore, hundreds of NPCs to interact with, and story-driven quests.

Community and Support

You can join the community in the Discord server! I also encourage everyone to voice your suggestions, comments, and questions in the Discord.

If you'd like to help support and sustain the mod, please consider becoming a donor!

Become a donor!

Perks include:

  • Early mod releases and developer builds
  • Your name in the credits

Goals include:

  • Bringing on more developers and artists
  • Community MMO server
  • Ad-free website and downloads


PSWG builds using the Gradle build system. I recommend you use IntelliJ as an IDE. Simply import the gradle project, setup your development workspace, and build.

  • Set up your development workspace by importing the Gradle project
  • Decompile Minecraft sources: gradlew genSources
  • All dependencies are met with Maven and are subsequently compiled into the resulting jarfile.
  • Build a jarfile with gradlew build to produce pswg-<version>.jar in ./build/libs.



Please only create pull requests for content additions or bugfixes (i.e. not as a way to report issues or post suggestions).

Things to consider:

  • Before spending a lot of time on adding a feature, please discuss feature additions with the team on Discord.
  • Conform to the code style of the class you are editing or similar classes.
  • Search previous pull requests to make sure the feature you're adding or the bug you are fixing hasn't already:
    • Been implemented.
    • Been rejected.

Auxillary Licensing Information

Some ideas and concepts Copyright or Trademark Lucasfilm LTD., LucasArts, or Disney.

Non-code assets CC-BY-SA 4.0.

If you are a modpack owner or distributor, you are fully responsible for supporting this mod's integration with the pack in form and function. If an issue is caused by this mod, you or the player is responsible for posting a support ticket/issue here.

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