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Aria2 Pro Docker

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A perfect Aria2 Docker image. Out of the box, just add download tasks and don't need to think about anything else.


  • Supported platforms: amd64, i386, arm64, arm/v7, arm/v6
  • Full Function: Async DNS, BitTorrent, Firefox3 Cookie, GZip, HTTPS, Message Digest, Metalink, XML-RPC, SFTP
  • max-connection-per-server unlimited.
  • retry on slow speed (lowest-speed-limit) and connection close
  • High BT download rate and speed
  • Get BitTorrent tracker automatically
  • Download error automatically delete files
  • Download cancel automatically delete files
  • Automatically clear .aria2 suffix files
  • Automatically clear .torrent suffix files
  • No lost task progress, no repeated downloads
  • And more powerful features


Docker CLI

  • No matter what architecture platform is used, just use the following command to start the container ( Just need to replace the <TOKEN> field ):
docker run -d \
    --name aria2-pro \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    --log-opt max-size=1m \
    -e PUID=$UID \
    -e PGID=$GID \
    -e UMASK_SET=022 \
    -e RPC_PORT=6800 \
    -p 6800:6800 \
    -e LISTEN_PORT=6888 \
    -p 6888:6888 \
    -p 6888:6888/udp \
    -v $PWD/aria2-config:/config \
    -v $PWD/aria2-downloads:/downloads \
  • Then you need a WebUI for control, such as AriaNg. This link is provided by the developer and can be used directly. Or use Docker to deploy it yourself:
docker run -d \
    --name ariang \
    --log-opt max-size=1m \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    -p 6880:6880 \

TIPS: It is important for the firewall to open ports.

Docker Compose

  • Edit Compose file
vim aria2-pro.yml
  • Compose up
docker-compose -f aria2-pro.yml up -d



Parameter Function
Bind UID and GID to the container, which means you can use a non-root user to manage downloaded files.
-e UMASK_SET=022 For umask setting of Aria2, optional , default if left unset is 022
-e RPC_SECRET=<TOKEN> Set RPC secret authorization token. Default: P3TERX
-e RPC_PORT=6800 Set RPC listen port.
-p 6800:6800 bind RPC listen port.
-e LISTEN_PORT=6888 Set TCP/UDP port number for BitTorrent/DHT listen.
-p 6888:6888 Bind BT listen port (TCP).
-p 6888:6888/udp Bind DHT lisen port (UDP).
-v <PATH>:/config Contains all relevant configuration files.
-v <PATH>:/downloads Location of downloads on disk.
-e DISK_CACHE=<SIZE> Set up disk cache. SIZE can include K or M (1K = 1024, 1M = 1024K), e.g 64M.
-e IPV6_MODE=<BOOLEAN> Whether to enable IPv6 support for Aria2. Optional: true or false. Set the options disable-ipv6=false and enable-dht6=true in the configuration file(aria2.conf).
-e UPDATE_TRACKERS=<BOOLEAN> Whether to update BT Trackers List automatically. Optional: true or flase, default if left unset is true
-e CUSTOM_TRACKER_URL=<URL> Custom BT Trackers List URL. If not set, it will be get from
-e TZ=Asia/Shanghai Specify a timezone to use e.g. Asia/Shanghai


I am working hard on my English, so this part may be explained in detail later. If you can read Chinese, read the details in my blog.




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