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MycroftOS is a bare minimal linux OS based on Buildroot to run the Mycroft A.I. software stack on embedded devices. The software stack of Mycroft creates a hackable open source voice assistant.

More information about the development, process, ideas etc. at More information about the Mycroft A.I. software stack at


  • Linux kernel 4.19.x
  • Buildroot 2019.11.x
  • Mycroft 19.08.x
  • Raspberry Pi 3B (initial development hardware)


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License: Apache License 2.0 contributions welcome
I'm using the Apache License 2.0 similar as Mycroft A.I. which means commercial use is allowed If you have any ideas, they're always welcome. Either submit an issue or a PR!
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I use uptime robot to monitor for things i can't monitor when the connection drops. If you feel the need, now it's as easy as clicking this button!

Getting started.

At this moment development is in very early stages and focussed on the Raspberry Pi 3B. As soon as an initial first workable version is created, other hardware might be added.


More information and instructions can be found within the "documentation" folder.


Mycroft AI (@MycroftAI)
Buildroot (@buildroot)

Inspired by;

HassOS (@home-assistant)
Recalbox (Gitlab - @recalbox)

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