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This is my collection of Python Programs.
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Omkar Pathak,
Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Sorting Algorithms

  1. Selection Sort
  2. Bubble Sort
  3. Insertion Sort
  4. Merge Sort
  5. Quick Sort
  6. Counting Sort
  7. Bucket Sort
  8. Shell Sort
  9. Heap Sort

Searching Algorithms

  1. Sequential Search
  2. Binary Search
  3. N-ary Search

Data Structures

  1. Array
  2. Singly Linked List
  3. Doubly Linked List
  4. Stack
  5. Queue
  6. Hash Table

Simple Games in Python

  1. Number Guessing Game
  2. Hangman
  3. Rock Paper Scissor
  4. Tic Tac Toe


  1. Class Definition
  2. Instance Methods
  3. Instance Attributes
  4. Constructor (init)
  5. Inheritance
  6. Multiple Inheritance
  7. Private Variables
  8. Magic Methods


  1. Simple Binary Tree
  2. Binary Search Tree
  3. Depth First Traversal
  4. Breadth First Traversal
  5. Count Leaf Nodes
  6. Building Tree from Preorder and Inorder
  7. Print all the paths to leaf nodes


  1. Graph
  2. Breadth First Search
  3. Depth First Search
  4. Detect Cycle in Directed Graph
  5. Detect Cycle in Undirected Graph
  6. Topological Sort
  7. Prim's Algorithm


  1. Create Multiple Folders
  2. Count files
  3. Get File sizes
  4. Find if a file exists
  5. Folder organization
  6. Get Dictionary Meaning
  7. Sending Mail
  8. Counting Number of Words
  9. Birthday Reminder
  10. Script to download tutorial from tutorials point
  11. Script to check email in your terminal
  12. Script to find devices connected to Network
  13. Script to create metadata for a file

Python Concepts

  1. Variable Scope
  2. List Methods
  3. Closures
  4. More on Closures
  5. Decorators
  6. More on Decorators
  7. List Comprehensions
  8. Python Generators


  1. Introduction and Basics of Numpy
  2. Numpy Data Types
  3. Numpy Array Attributes
  4. Generate Numpy array from various numerical ranges
  5. Numpy Array Manipulation operations
  6. Numpy String Functions
  7. Numpy Mathematical Functions
  8. Numpy Arithmetical Operations

Mini Projects

Random Python Programs


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