Redis Operator

A golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone/cluster mode setup on top of the Kubernetes.
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A Golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone and cluster mode setup on top of the Kubernetes. It can create a redis cluster setup with best practices on Cloud as well as the Bare metal environment. Also, it provides an in-built monitoring capability using redis-exporter.

For documentation, please refer to

Organizations that are using Redis Operator to manage their redis workload can be found here. If your organization is also using Redis Operator, please free to add by creating a pull request

This operator only supports versions of redis =>6.



There are multiple problems that people face while setting up redis setup on Kubernetes, specially cluster type setup. The purpose of creating this opperator is to provide an easy and production ready interface for redis setup that include best-practices, security controls, monitoring, and management.

Supported Features

Here the features which are supported by this operator:-

  • Redis cluster and standalone mode setup
  • Redis cluster failover and recovery
  • Inbuilt monitoring with redis exporter
  • Password and password-less setup of redis
  • TLS support for additional security layer
  • Ipv4 and Ipv6 support for redis setup
  • Detailed monitoring grafana dashboard

Getting Started

If you want to deploy redis-operator from scratch to a local Minikube cluster, begin with the Getting started document. It will guide your through the setup step-by-step.

The configuration of Redis setup should be described in CRD definitions. All the examples related to redis standalone and cluster setup can be found inside example folder.


Redis operator requires a Kubernetes cluster of version >=1.18.0. If you have just started with Operators, it's highly recommended using the latest version of Kubernetes.


The setup can be done by using helm. If you want to see more example, please go through the example folder.

But you can simply use the helm chart for installation.

# Add the helm chart
$ helm repo add ot-helm
# Deploy the redis-operator
$ helm upgrade redis-operator ot-helm/redis-operator --install --namespace ot-operators

After deployment, verify the installation of operator

helm test redis-operator --namespace ot-operators

Creating redis cluster, standalone, replication and sentinel setup.

# Create redis cluster setup
$ helm upgrade redis-cluster ot-helm/redis-cluster \
  --set redisCluster.clusterSize=3 --install \ 
  --namespace ot-operators
# Create redis standalone setup
$ helm upgrade redis ot-helm/redis \
  --install --namespace ot-operators
# Create redis replication setup
$ helm upgrade redis-replication ot-helm/replication \
  --install --namespace ot-operators
# Create redis sentinel setup
$ helm upgrade redis-sentinel ot-helm/sentinel \
  --install --namespace ot-operators

If you used this just for testing and development purpose you can delete the resources associated with it

# Delete the Redis standalone setup
$ helm uninstall redis --namespace ot-operators
# Delete the Redis cluster setup
$ helm uninstall redis-cluster --namespace ot-operators
# Delete the Redis replication setup
$ helm uninstall redis-replication --namespace ot-operators
# Delete the Redis sentinel setup
$ helm uninstall redis-sentinel --namespace ot-operators
# Delete the Redis operator 
$ helm uninstall redis-operator --namespace ot-operators 

If you want to customize the value file by yourself while initializing the helm command, the values files for reference are present here.

Monitoring with Prometheus

To monitor redis performance we will be using prometheus. In any case, extra prometheus configuration will not be required because we will be using the Prometheus service discover pattern. For that we already have set these annotations:-

  annotations: "true" "true" "9121"


Please see our for details.

Release History

Please see our for details.

Contact Information

This project is managed by OpsTree Solutions. If you have any queries or suggestions, mail us at [email protected].

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