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Awesome Open Source


emberclear is published at: and can be run locally with docker via

docker run -d -p 4201:80 nullvoxpopuli/emberclear

and then can be visited at http://localhost:4201.

Project Directory

Another Chat App?

Yes, there is a lack of trust that manifests when existing chat apps are closed source and centralized. Emberclear, by design, is trustless -- meaning that, while there is a server component, the server knows nothing more than your "public key". The server(s) are also meant to be a hot-swappable member of a mesh network, so no one implementation matters, as long as the same protocol is used.

Here is a table of detailing out some differences between emberclear and other chat apps:



Special Thanks

  • Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Testing and Automation


GNU General Public License version 3

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