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This is a command line application for contact management with pipes in mind. It lets you choose a contact with FZF

    contact [COMMAND] [NAME] [PROPERTY]
    add: Add new contact
    edit: Edit existing contact
    delete: Delete contact
    get: Get property of contact (default)
    git: Interact with the git repositry directly
        Example: `contact git status`
        To enable the git repository features of contact you need to run:
            `contact git init`
        If you already have contacts you need to manually commit them:
            `contact git add --all;contact git commit -m "Commit all existing contacts"`
    help: Show this message
    mutt-aliases: Export as mutt aliases.
    rename-all: Rename all files to the correct name


Each contact is saved into a separate file in ~/.contacts. You can save as many properties as you want. The only one that is required is name.


name=Max Muster
[email protected]
address=Beispielweg 12


contact get #this let's you choose a name and then the propery

contact get "Max Muster" "email" #get's you just the email address

contact add "Add a new contact. Opens an empty file with $EDITOR

contact mutt-aliases > ~/.mutt/aliases #export your contacts to the mutt alias file

# Usage in Pipes

mutt $(contact) #choose your email address

mutt $(contact "Max Muster" "email") #send email to Max Muster

termux-telephony-call $(contact) #call someone in you address book

termux-telephony-call $(contact "Max Muster" "mobile") #call Max Muster



You need to install fzf and git (for git integration)


Copy the file contact to any directory in you $PATH. Make sure it's executable.

cp contact /bin/
chmod +x /bin/contact

Enable git integration

To enable git integration go to the ~/.contacts folder (create it if you've never run any contact command before and run git init all changes made with contact should now get added and commited automatically. If you have preexisting contacts you need to manually add them all to git and commit them.

git add *
git commit -m "Initial commit"

Installation in Termux

Contact developed on Termux with Termux in mind, but running it on termux requires an additional step.

pkg install git fzf
cp contact $PREFIX/bin/ #or another directory in your $PATH
chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/contact
termux-fix-shebang $PREFIX/bin/contact

Getting started

To create your first contact run contact add. This will open $EDITOR or vi. You can now add contact information. See the "Example" section for the syntax. name is required (as it gets used in the filename).

Migrate from abook

mkdir -p ~/.contacts
cd ~/.contacts
awk '{print $0 "["> "file" NR}' RS='['  ../.abook/addressbook
sed 's/\[//g' -i *
sed 's/^.*\]$//g' -i *
rm file1 file2 #remove blank files
contact rename-all

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