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Display a full-size drag-n-drop event calendar, leveraging jQuery . A JavaScript event calendar. Customizable and open source.

Getting started

This is FullCalendar version 3.0.1 with Jalaali support.

If you want to enable Jalaali do as follow:

  • Import moment-jalaali.js exactly after moment.js. You can find it in "lib/moment/moment-jalaali.js".
  • Import lang/fa.js or dist/lang/lang-all.js after fullcalendar.js or fullcalendar.min.js.
  • Put isJalaali : true in config.
  • Put isRTL : true in config.
  • Put lang : "fa" in config.

Email me if you find any issue or if you want to help me.


This project is update of project Mr. Ehsan Danesh . He has worked on the project, on version 2.6 you can find his github in this link :


If this project has contributed to the progress of your project, you can also help to improve this project.


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